Filtration seperates salt, sand & water

I have a chemistry test tomorrow. But I’m typing this out. I can’t believe myself -.^

So I got hacked again. No worries this time. Mainly because I actually have a guild and buddies that do care ^^ So I started playing Maple again even though I had actually told myself to wait for the private server and chiong there. So anyways, I create my new character, iRepty. I kind of miss Repty though D: And before I talk able Maple anymore, let’s talk about the hacker. I feel utterly retarded spastically stupid T.T

Why? Remember Toy1r1skie? Let’s just say it’s the same hacker x.x Wait! Before you start throwing rotten apples with worms that have already decomposed at me, allow me to explain. I am not a pushover. But when it comes to friends, let’s say I kind of am. You see, in rl I wouldn’t say that I have many friends. Sure I have many friends, but only a couple of close ones. So when it comes to friends, I’m a pushover, got it? Anyway I drifted apart from this real close friend of mine. Sure I was the one who broke friendship with him, but he was the one who ignored me and hated me. I couldn’t take it D: So anyways, I didn’t want to lose for any more friends especially closer ones.

Then this hacker, he’s my ‘kor’. So we met in Friendster and realised we were in the same school but he was a year older than me. We started chatting and became closer, met in Maple a couple of times. Then history repeated itself T.T He asked me to be his girlf in Maple AND rl. I very nicely said no, as he himself couldn’t give me a reason why he wanted to stead. So I wanted to continue being his friend … And when he asked me for my password again … * face palm *

Alright, now that that’s cleared up, on with my new character. It’s at level 19 in like six days. I’m really proud of myself, seeing that I level very slowly and it’s not funded. But, I currently have like 1k plus mesos D: And have to like stop training awhile. Plusplus some lucky kid got banned from maple by her mum for like two week. And my friend xCookies94 has an interest in trading, so seeing that I do want to train faster, she asked me to have a 75-25 in paying for base cash and 50-50 in rewards. Seeing as I’ll be the one doing trading I get to pay lesser I know how of you guys don’t like trading, but it’s the fastest way for a level 19 noob to get mesos. But now my friend’s luck isn’t really good in gacha-ing, thus the idea has been dropped once again T.T Yet the same person has offered to pay me if I help Zakum. As in log in to the acc, stay alive and loot the helm. I know it’s badddd, but I get paid like a fifty for it. Rather worth it I must say, even if everything is unconfirmed for now.
And now, the most epic part of the blog. *points at the first pic*

Yes I got suspended, for god-knows-what-reason. No, I’m not going to the wherever bloody place to un-ban my account. I’m quitting maple :0 & it’s Wizet/Nexon/AisaSoft’s fault T.T That’s one tragedy after another T.T Let’s not elaborate on it anymore.

Anyways, I started playing GE awhile ago and woah, it’s pretty addictive I have a level 19 scout, warrior and musketeer. I like the way the game is played and stuff. Especially the stuff called exp cards. For those who don’t play the game, when you do quests, instead of getting exp, you get exp cards. Really useful when you have many high-leveled characters and want to chiong a low-leveled one. So by using the exp cards, I got my wizard to level nine instantly which was kinda cool. My friend who got me into the game, her dad’s level 100 T.T I hate the way adults pawn kids if they chiong. But that’s kinda old news, I now play Cabal too

I would say I am still a noob at it, but Greenie and my bro are helping me out, or as I said it, Greenie’s my mentor. –shrugs- So I chose Blader, as I wanted speed in attacking x) But the damage kinda sucks compared to the rest of the jobs, so hopefully when I’m high-leveled one day (as if) my attack speed will be smexy When I first begun playing, I couldn’t believe the amount of times I died x.x And I made lots of stupid mistakes like:

-Pressing the normal attack button during combo and couldn’t figure out why my combo didn’t work.
-Either mistaking the potion button for attack or vice versa.
-Not clicking the monster and attacking -.-
-Dying again.

There’s a few other stuff. Like me talking on the phone, while whispering to Greenie ingame and dying seven tymes in a row. Dang. And there was this time whereby the NPC was right infront of me and I ran around the whole map(dying a couple of times) looking for him. Plus me thinking that the red highlighted name of the monster was just slightly stronger than me. I seriously learnt my lesson D:

But right now ( I typed the top part awhile ago ) I’m banned from playing games. I still play it when my parents are out ~ But it’s really very rare. Needless to say I won’t be posting much, as I won’t have anything to post about >D Yes, this is a short blog but heck, at least I did type something Well, if anyone do want to add me, it’ll be in GE. It’s the only game left in my comp My name’s Repty and I’m currently begging my mum hard to unban me. It seems as though she’s swayed and I’m going to go back into gaming. But it’s the streaming year T.T so I can’t play that much.

I have nooo idea how to end a blog. So let’s try it with a bye!

16 thoughts on “Filtration seperates salt, sand & water”

  1. Dest1 said: “Wait, you’re a female?

    Where have I been for the past two years? o.O”

    In your mom’s uterus or something. -.-

  2. throw dtuff at him in hte halls
    trip him and act girlishly innocent when he accuses u
    leave weird stuf in err 13337speak on his locker


  3. MasterCheeze said: “

    Dest1 said: “Wait, you’re a female?

    Where have I been for the past two years? o.O”

    In your mom’s uterus or something. -.-“

    In a baby’s digestive tract?

  4. Oh Dest Dest Dest . Of course I’m a male .


    Thankyou all for enlightening him ~

  5. C O M E B A C K T O M A P L E
    *Stabs You With Plastic Forks,Seedless Grapes and Poisioned Big Macs* (Cos i know u’d eat em)
    And i treasure my buds too,kinda sad 1 of my best broke up with me while we were in sec,even when i did nothing ._.’
    And seriousely,dont do zk runs.Very eazy to piss some1 off and get your bud’s name tarnished.And so on.
    AND SO ON.

  6. Butbutbut my AisaSoft got suspended ! Dx </cantresistcalloftheGREATeona>
    And my friend doesn’t care Just wants me to get the helm .

    And Silver ~ I’ll add you once I’m allowed to play games again ^^ Name’s Kroy and no , I didn’t come up with that name .

  7. Silver, What’s your Preferred Channel?

    And wth, nicely written blog.

    Title was a little attractive I must compliment.

    Back to MSN-ing.

  8. Btw i m eona on cabal wo
    I got 4 asiasoft ids for a reason,2 or 3 of them verified = 4 maple accounts each >D

  9. My parent’ss , aunties’ , deadgrandparent’s IC have been used ):

    *points at idiotic bro who used them and lost them T.T *

  10. Lol. I have three myself.

    And there isnt attack speed in cabal. Normal attack is useless. Spam ur skills. Blader has some sick damage late game.


    And I was like, WHO THE HECK IS KROY? to my guild and no one knew. I thought you were my. . . creepy stalkerish person. :X Yeah.

    Greenie, my preferred channel is Venus Channel 28. My guild hangs out there.

  12. @Imppala ~ Awww . And there I was thinking it might have some use D;

    @Silver ~ NO WONDER ! I was like wondering if I should talk to you or not , I thought you knew who I was =/

    @Eona ~ Wait till my parents ‘unban’ me first :X

  13. Well. Bladers are cool. Their BM2 is commonly known as ‘pwn’ in PK/PVP. :X

    And sheesh, why didn’t you speak to me lol. And were you also the one that was trying to PM me from Channel 32? Cause I could see was

    ‘!@#%: !@@#%’

    and I didn’t know who to pm to tell that, well, I couldn’t see what they were saying.

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