O hai.

Y hallo thar MMOTales!

As you might have noticed (or not, I don’t care, really), I haven’t been around.

Or blogging.

Or commenting.

Or liking.

Or anything.

Unless you play Simple MS! (Which, apparently, might have to be shut down, due to Nexon’s pissy nature.)

If you DO play SMS, then you’ll know me as either Wolf, Psycho, or Snyde.

If you know me by Wolf, you probably are in the guild, MMOTales, or in the general vicinity where you can hear my constant and annoying super megaphones!

…wait, is that bad? D:

Well, anway

I know, I know, I said I quit MS for good. Yeah. Okay. I got it.

But I found a flimsy wormhole!


Private Servers aren’t GMS because they’re quieter, nicer, and more fun.

Which brings me to my next point.


Yeah I know you probably have over 9000 blogs on this, but I wanna join in, too.


But anyway.

If you do not like foul language or strong ‘PG-13 and higher’ bedroom talk, do not view these screen shots because they ALL have the former things scattered throughout them (that means EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM IN THIS BLOG.)

Private servers are great because:

You can do crap like this without being interrupted by weirdos who like to eavesdrop.

You can also have conversations like this over super megaphones (I do NOT suggest visiting any of those sites, even though that’s not even close to all the ones listed) and have little jokes with certain frogs that like to chase and try to kiss you while among extremely dangerous and scary dragons.

And you won’t die, either, though I guess that’s the fault of the rope.

PLUS! You can kill her with an I/L, a hermit, and a priest (Frosty is the Priest, and Void left, so he doesn’t count, really.)

Psst, I’m level 142 now!


SMS just increased the drop rates of equips, but DRASTICALLY lowered the etcetera rates.

Yeah, that means a lot of quests got SLAMMED and thrown into a lake.

By the way, a certain SOMEONE who YELLED AT ME TODAY FOR OUTLEVELING HIS MAIN asked me where I got all the lakes I throw people into from.

I responded, simply: From my awesome.

Because I can end a fight like this.

And, with my uber “I pick up more than 10 rows of scrolls (no joke) powers”, I can make a certain Master of Cheezes say something like this on his horrid, evil, overpowered F/P.

Lolok, screens over.

But, seriously. Tell Jazzy and Arly to come back to Simple. Silent is too populated. D:

In other words, SilentMS can die because I hate it and it should burn. It’s WAY too high rates (no fun!) and it has no certain OMG I’M RICH LOLOL…ness.

And, by the way, I might be writing more fanfics that all of you seem to be so uninterested in.



So, anyway, loveyouall. Kind of not really. Though Froggy wishes I loved him. D:

As always, everyone.


Especially if you’re on a Private Server. <3

11 thoughts on “O hai.”

  1. Btw, I hope Nexon loses. I want Nexon to crash and BURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRN! BURN!

  2. Actually there’s a flipside to that. If Nexon crashes and burns, then there will be no more updates!

    -=The Nazgul=-

  3. Those who don’t play Pservers [I’m too lazy] would be dead if Nexon crashes and burns.

  4. They lowered the rates again. Lolol, and I come to Simple every now and then. Though, I’d like it better if 2 CERTAIN GMs in Simple weren’t pompous assholes. No 4th either, takes out my motivation.


  5. I was wondering what was happening with those drops. I couldn’t find any Binding Bridles, but I sure had no problem finding tight-spandex Archer suits.

  6. MasterCheeze said: “I was wondering what was happening with those drops. I couldn’t find any Binding Bridles, but I sure had no problem finding tight-spandex Archer suits.”

    Yeah, they switched the equip and etcetera drop rates. :/


    I’ll never, ever do that again.

    And good to actually meet you on MMOT, wolf

  8. Oh god, you think THAT was bad?

    We were there for 3 hours until I finally told them to abandon all order I tried to instill and just have at her. I got 108%.

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