2 Years, 4 Characters, What a Ride!

Well, this is my first blog.

I have been playing Maple Story since April 2006. My first impression was that it was a cute game and easy to pick up on. It also became wildly addicting even in the first 10 levels or so! I couldn’t even begin to imagine what a vast world this would become, as I didn’t know anything other than Maple Island.

When I reached Level 10, I knew I wanted to be a warrior. I am female, but I always enjoyed playing strong characters in other RPG’s so I figured this would be the best choice for me.

Boy, was I wrong.

Don’t get me wrong, I did enjoy warrior very much. However, I was a complete noob who didn’t know about the proper stat/skill distribution. I even had one passer-by exclaim “OMG you’re the weakest warrior I’ve ever seen!!” Also, I had no idea there was a Free Market. Well, I knew of the FM. But I didn’t know that people sold only in Channel 1. Yes, 43 levels in I still didn’t know of the FM. =/

Ultimately, I decided to start anew. I ditched my noob and decided I would become a magician. I still stayed on Scania, even though it was over-populated but I liked having another character there for storage. (I didn’t know that you could transfer through the storages throughout the world) However, this time, I took the right approach and actually studied guides. It wasn’t before long though, that I would be back on Maple Island once again.

I got to level 35 on this character. All the stats were good, proper. It wasn’t until a run-in with a scammer that I became frustrated. I was in the FM entrance and someone said they were quitting or something to that extent. So I bolted to the room they were in and it ended up being a scam. A drop-game scam to be exact. I didn’t know of such scams so when I lost all my items of value, mainly my esther shield and a +4 INT glove I was blind-sided, and a little hurt.

I resolved to stop scamming on Scania. I knew that if I kept tracking the people that scammed me I may be able to prevent someone else from being scammed. I /find Ch3e3sepwns and he’s in a FM room. (Yes, that was the scammers real IGN) I think “Great! This is my chance!”

Sure enough, he’s in there with a buddy and a girl mage, around the same level as me. So as soon as I enter the room I yell “STOP!! DON’T DROP ANYTHING! IT’S A SCAM!!” And at that very moment, she drops her mystic shield, letting it be claimed by scammers. We both tell them to give our items back to us, but nothing. I go outside to the entrance and tell everyone there about the scammers, and a lot of people come. Everyone is on our side, but the scammers wouldn’t concede defeat. I think about how stupid I am, then again, decide to start anew. A new server this time. A new beginning.

I go to Khaini. The newest, and least populated server. I choose to be a magician once again. My maple experience on this character has been the best so far, by far. I reach 3rd job, have lots of nice friends. And it was only going to get better, or so I thought.

I had just reached level 70, and mage-hood. I’m rich, lots of nice stuff…and about 40+ maple llama staffs in storage. (all 61+ clean!) Plus a lot of other stuff. I can’t even remember now. Whatever, that’s irrelevant. I remember that there was a patch coming. I was pumped because 2x EXP cards were coming out. I was in the middle of mage hell so that’s exactly what I needed to boost my drive to level.

I was bored, it was about midnight, I think the patch had just started an hour before that. I was on the maple global site, so I decided to change my password. I felt it was too easy to figure out, since it was my first name. And people on the game knew my name, so I was just taking precautions. I change it and then it sends me the validation e-mail. Well, stupid me forgets what e-mail I used. So that account is gone forever. I almost cried. I send Nexon an e-mail and they are unable to help me. This time, I cry. All those hours slaved away, for nothing. Absolutely nothing. All that NX spent for nothing…

The very next day, I make yet another character. This time it’s on Mardia, the newest and least populated server. I choose magician again. Now this is the character I use today. I know well enough now to not fall for any scams. I know well enough to write down any information pertaining to my account. I am now level 100 and in a bit of a rut, but the game is still fun. I mostly FM now, but it’s a good time-waster when bored.

The past 2 years have been a fun, at times tiring, at times frustrating, but still overall fun experience. I will get back to leveling again someday, probably when they release new content. But for now, I’m happy just chilling in the FM or helping friends, or whatever.

Thanks for reading! I was unable to post pics of my third char, cause my comp has been changed since then so I lost all my pics. Kinda sucks, but W/E.

Happy mapling.

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  1. Welcome to MMOTales.

    I played in Khaini, but switched over to Windia.

    I pretty quit MS due to the repetitiveness of grinding and doing quests and PQ.

    EDIT: I hope you stay here, we have an excellent community. You’ll notice that once you start looking around the website. But there’s the occasional noob here and there, but we flame ’em out.

    You’ll be a nice addition to the family! *revs chainsaw*

  2. Hello!

    Welcome to MMOT. . . lots of people here write fics, comics, all sorts of stuff. You’re the first new face in a while, I think. o-o

    So hai thar.

  3. Couldn’t you log onto the Nexon website and get your email from the account info? o.o

    -steals chainsaw-

  4. Ouch, 40+ maple llamas? *drools* Well that sucks, I had a 67 page that got hacked. When PIN reset came out I was SOO excited, then one small problem, I forgot the email.*smacks myself on the head* And welcome to MMOTales! You seem like a nice blog writer.

  5. Wron,g we hav manee litrates on dis site!
    Lyk me!

    Welcome, this is a crazy site but once you stay here for awhile you’ll love it!
    You’ll become addicted and then one day die sitting in a chair halfway through a blog!

    I sort of noticed you skipped around in here, it was in chronological order but sometimes you would abruptly switch to another topic, even in a paragraph!

    ~LaZzz. . .

  6. That’s a good experience. My experience is. I got 10 characters all lv.40 different servers I quit.

  7. FunnyFroggy said: “I already lub you. Lub me back.

    I scam scammers. lulz.”

    rofl, froggy, high five
    scamming scammers, so fun to watch em go nutz over an items that isnt theirs lol
    -drops 12 atk wg-
    -scams it back from him- =p

  8. Welcome to MMOTales~! Literate <3.

    I’ve played for ~3 years, and I’ve made about 30 characters. XD

  9. /clap

    Beautifully written.
    Sad tale. Sorry for the loss of the shield/mage. That must really have sucked arse. =[

  10. Annikabelle said: “


    Don’t get involved in any flame wars .
    [Advice by Dest1, I suppose .]

    Talk about MMO-Related stuff .

    Don’t Spam .
    [I once spammed. Note the past tense. *Nods at Ink*]

    Blog about MMO-related stuff .

    Be nice <3

    And I dare you to post crude comments, or ones that are classified under ‘heartless’ .

    Don’t talk 1337 .

    Type properly, legibly, don’t use short forms too often, and use paragraphs <3

    Don’t rant about hackers; we’ve had enough of blogs debating whether hackers are [*Negatives*] or not.

    Don’t make popularity blogs .

    Read the rules if in any doubt .

    Don’t cuss .

    Do not make one-liners unless there’s a comic in it . 8D

    Blog about your ENTIRE MMO DAY not just a section .

    Do not start a flame war . Doing any of the above can cause one. If you dislike someone of MMOT, don’t say it. Just ignore the person.

    Anything irrelevant to MMO can go in Profil3 <3

    *Shakes your hands with great force*

    – *Hands you a MuffinMallow*

    Try it .

    Its delicious <3

    And not poisoned .

    -Tries to hide poison bottle behind back-

    *Snaps fingers*

    Greetings, you are now completely under my control . You will obey the rules, and do everything as mentioned above, to prevent yourself from being burnt .

    Heya “

  11. That was one of the BEST first blogs I’ve ever seen aside from mine and my bros. . .

    Welcome to MMOT! I uh have a level 73 DK on Kradia. . .



  12. A new SilverFx?


    Though I doubt she would possibly write better Fan-fics than her. How old are you anyway. You have good grammar. And that’s a first for new people. Not offending anybody or anything.

    And I feel so sorry for your mage, I think I’d have quitted Maple. But oh well. I did quit, if you want to know I got hacked 2 times on both accounts and I’ve lost over 200m in equips and mesos. So, you’re pretty lucky then. And Welcome to MMOT!

    Let’s type out the Emo song.

    E is for emotional, ruins everybody’s day,

    M is for Miserable people!

    O is for On the dark side, cus we have some fresh cookies, Cookies! Wooo~

    Muffins, Cookies and Waffles are our speciality.

    However there are some bad things about joining this site. But I’d prefer to keep that a secret for now, in case you decide to quit, and we’d lose a literate writer.

    Welcome to MMOT!

    Or did I already say that?

    [And whoa, this is a pretty long comment.]

  13. Welcome to MMOtales~ Haven’t seen Anni’s greeting in a while, but hey, you deserve that old traditional welcome. ;D

    I’ve played for two years and more too, and have a truckload of characters, but I don’t think my two-year experience was as tumultuous as yours was. *hem*discounting the drama*hem*. And you even got to level 100. I haven’t had the patience to level since my (first and last) x2 EXP card. :X

    Again, welcome to these parts of the woods. *hands you a muffin*

    [edit] And I notice all three of your charries have the same eyes. I like that eye best.


    if u cant tell from your likes, you aare already loved

    -tackles and tries to steal your awesomeness-


  15. Thanks everyone for the kind words!

    I am going to be taking a small break from maple, at least until May, for the anniversary event. Those are always fun.

    I am 26, so maybe that would explain my literate-ness, (I think I made that word up)

    I always have something on my mind, so be sure to check back and read up on my thoughts and adventures!

  16. I could help you find the email to your first account if you want,
    Even if you don’t play it anymore it would be nice to have it back right?

    PM me if you want help

  17. Omg, the skull wand thinger!

    -Wants it-

    Welcome to MMOTales.

    I remember when I first played MS.


    ‘Yeah sure whatever.’


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