15 thoughts on “[COMiC] Assist Trophy”

  1. Don’t really get the idea as I don’t play the game .

    But I understand it some whatly x)

  2. *Doesn’t play SSBB and doesn’t know how to read super small text*

    *moves really close to monitor and deformed hand grabs my head and rips it off my neck*

  3. I must say, that last panel seems unnecessarily brutal and violent.

    Just like my morning walk. *Takes out Gravity hammer*

  4. lol dam ur comics are so good. Did you draw these using paint or do you have one of those electronic sketch pad things?
    Teach me >.>

  5. Unfortunately, I do not have a Drawing Tablet, but I will be getting one soon. (Walcom-2007 XP)

    Unfortunately, I do not have PhotoShop or anything else, so I have to resort to MS paint.

    Fortunately, my comics are still awesome. (:



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