Never Able to Forget

(Sorry if there is any gramatical or spelling errors, really tired as I am writing this…but really wanted to type it out…zzz..)

Hey Everyone…whose still remembers me…*sulks at the silence*

Anyway, I just came back on MMOTales for a moment to check up on my blog today, randomly and out of the blue. It was definitely surprising to hear the words of my friend Kai (KaitouLunar), Blaze (xblazethiefx), and Jay (dragonfang22). A while back, I thought they had left Maple Story…all of them…okay, maybe not Jay since I met him…but we didn’t have much to talk about so Anyway, it’s weird to see them back, not that I mind…I really missed them…and even Laura and Don…and Quick…and Wizard. Just feels like it’s been so long since I had thought about anything Maple Story related.

It was a while back, but I mostly remembered myself being a wizard trying to level, get better, learn to be wiser, and just fit in >; Not saying I was successful, but not saying I failed at the task either…but I had very little friends and not much confidence I could make it past level 50. Still, it was funny, I somehow found myself in a guild even though I was shy, quiet, and very distant. Still, I was glad I joined the guild and met so many nice people (people mentioned above especially :3). It made me really excited to play onwards and just try my hardest. It was also weird to be part of a conversation than just listening in.

Still, that was a while back…long while back, I can even say that it’s so long…I nearly forgot about it. Kind of like holding a bunch of puzzle pieces and watching them slowly fall onto the ground. Yet, just a few moments ago, they seem to have realigned and I just thought about them. Then I thought about the friends I made after they left Maple Story on a break. They are all a lot of fun to talk to and still make me want to train some more, but yet…just hearing them talk on and on made me feel alone and even more distant then when I started. It’s funny, I think the reason I felt this way was cause I missed my old friends…didn’t even had a chance to say a proper good bye, they all just left -.-

(btw, not to sound emo in the last 2 paragraphs >.&gt

So, a little while back, I decided to take a break of my own and focus on my school work…which was ‘really’ piling up and I needed some good marks to pass. After all the exams, tests, projects, essays, and assignments…I always wonder how everyone is…starting from real life distant friends to the friends I made online. Then I would try to write a few words and stop, not sure why I do that…or why I wrote it down here…just felt like writing it ^.^

Anyway, here’s what I like to say to Blaze, Kai, Andre, and Jay:

Blaze: Hey, haven’t seen you in a long time, I hope you are feeling better and that we can see each other on MS some day. Though I guess it was even hard to talk back then too x.x Anyway, I wish you the best of luck and happiness in your life. I also hope you will also get to lvl 70…if you haven’t already.

Kai: Well Kai, I am glad to see that your back on Maple Story…also glad I got your Gaia Online name again >;3 *writes it down from one of your blogs* I hope that life has been good to you and that you will find someone special in your life still I really missed getting to talk to you and just saying hi x.x Feel free to send me a message soon T_T Oh yeah, I hope you been lvling ;O

Andre (Someone tell him to read this if he doesn’t know): Sorry for disappearing like this, I really needed a break from all the training and also just time to think. I am not sure when I will come back completely, but I hope you will be lvl 100+ by then. Oh yeah, I hope to see you get 4th job.

Jay: Hmmm, not much to say besides Hi and that I hope your having fun on Maple Story again. It’s funny though, at first I wanted to say how much I missed you and your fast paced chat, but then i read one of your new blogs and thought about something you said to a lot of us in your old guild (HeavenBound). The phrase goes by ‘I love Kai’ and the word ‘a lot’ or ‘forever’ right after. Not to be offensive, but do you still remember it >.> Anyway, hope your having fun TaintedShade. I wonder where DragonFang22 went…*is still a bit angry/odded out…might be due to second dady of no sleep…due to construction and/or party at 12:00 pm next door*

Anyway, I like to wrap this up and get some sleep by saying that I have not forgotten my good friends…most of them anywayw. I have made a lot of new friends, but that doesn’t mean I had forgotten the misadventures we had in our old guild and especially the laughter and joy that was HeavenBound. Hopefully, one day we can all get together and just have a day that is just like that…but maybe that is just wishing for too much.

I am gonna continue my writing, schooling, and hopefully come back to Maple Story completely soon…*hugs Silver* T_T I miss my husky 😐 He is one of my trusted and true friend Now…*goes to work on another proejct* Bye ;

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  1. lmao ipod, you’re not even near 2006 o.O

    More like a year off!

    Me ish October ’06 yeah!

  2. Mirage, ! i feel so alone i think everyone has quit aswell and i mean i only jus tcme back so im to blame aswell! I saw laura online yesterday whispered but o reply :[, Come backkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!
    Mishing you muchly D:

  3. (We veterans of the 2006 MMOT must stick together!)


  4. xXyZaThEx said: “(We veterans of the 2006 MMOT must stick together!)


    *gives Cupcake* *recieves Veteran of 2006 MMOT badge* Lol.

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