Thoughts. [v2]

“…exercise your own free-will” [Judy]

I’ve decided not to quit maple, but I’ll be less active.
I’ll probably like logg on every 2 to 3 days at a time.
Chill out and stuff Lol.
Besides, school and personal life gets really crazy when its almost summer


Changes in me that people notice…

I’ve come to relize i’ve changed alot from last summer o.o
And these changes are sooo dramatic [according to people]
They are…
– more opinionated
– obsession with twilight series and dan brown
– bad indie bands
– classic rock
and so on~
Yea i’ve changed, and my maple friends noticed too Lol x]
Ohkay in the following story is the reason i made v2 of this blog, I was soo angry and pissed I gender bended and stuff.
So here is a little background info on the characters…

MARK* [warr1oran1me]- ex maple hubby
NICOLE* [shutu]- mark’s old gf
KATIE* [lilcutemini]- my wifey
ANDREW* [spideeeer/spidermanl0l]- my friend/ katie’s bf
KITTY* [l13830]- my bestfriend and personal shrink
KRISTY* [kristyzstory]- me and marks friend

NOTE: katie wasn’t andrew’s official gf, but he treated her like it. And katie treated him like her bf even though she was married. -.o [DONT JUDGE MY WIFEY]

I’ve never liked Nicole, neither has Katie.
Nicole has sort of a subconscious backstabbing nature, i really don’t know how to explain it!
Maybe some of these scenarios might help…

Scenario 1:

-Nicole and Mark are Talking-

Kristy: MARKKKK!!!!

-Nicole looks at us-

Nicole: UGH, can we leave?
Mark: Um, okay?

-They leave-

Me&&Kristy: …what….

eeeek. see what I mean? If not here’s scenario 2
Scenario 2:

-Me and Andrew are sitting in fm 21-

Andrew: BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH~ [he didn’t really say blah but in my opinion that’s all I heard [Lol]

-Nicole comes in-

Nicole: ASHLEYYYY f4*

Me: WHat -.o

me: and that concerns me how?
nicole: your friend is cute
me: ANDREW?!?!?!
nicole: is that his name?
me: um…yes?
nicole: oh ok then

-nicole sits right in front of andrew-

andrew: o.o…
me: O.O
nicole: hey =P

-she flirts with him as he tries to scoot away she follows, some how I end up reading them a story-

-Katie enters as Nicole is kissing andrew, I on the other hand was deeply annoyed and was spamming my bl chat-

Katie: Ashwey, who’s that with andrew?!
Me: um thats shutu, aka nicole who’s mark’s ex
Katie: Oh…I wonder…

*buddy chat*

Me: SPAM@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@
Andrew: YES STOP!!!
Me: Hmm…
Me: SPAM@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@

-andrew disconnects-

Me: ahahahha d.cer

-Katie sits next to Nicole-

Katie: Sooo you seem to like him don’t you?
Nicole: YEA I LOVE HIM <3
Katie: doesn’t he have a gf?
Nicole: I dont think so <333 probably gonna be me<33

-andrew loggs on-

Andrew: Hey guys sorry i d.c.
Katie: I HATE YOOH f4

-she leaves-

Nicole: Andrew who was that?

The story goes on to Nicole hangin out with andrew more until his long times not playing so she gave up on him.

Ohkay for a recent scenario…

Me and Kristy were in the FM enterance just talking, and then Mark comes in with Nicole at his side. Ick.
Honestly I felt sick to my stomach in Real life.
Barfing was not an option though ._. (SOWWY FOR THE GRAPHIC DESCRIPTIONS OF ME BARFING)
I honestly tried to be nice, i TRIED.
But my bloody passion of hate for her got the best of me, and I ranted about how much I hated her in my buddy chat.
About 10 minutes after mark and nicole had come dear kitty logged on and joined us.
Kitty knew how much I hated Nicole, so she sed trhough her panda, “Ashley we all know Mark and Nicole are acting like hoes”.
That cheered me up =X
Nicole: HEY
my panda: “No kitty they’re HUGE HOES”
Now truly annoyed I whsipered katie for assistance in slandering Nicole and Mark.
She couldn’t come.
All of a sudden nicole whispers me: are you made at me? D=
I was to enraged to noticed nd typed, “Fine don’t help me diss Nicole. GOD I HATE HER”.
I sent it.
One problem, I sent that message to Nicole! not KATIE!
Nicole: …
After that me and kitty cursed and yelled at nicole about how much of a hoe she was and stuff.
Then mark got mad and left with her.
So yea I deleted him.

HOPE Thoughts. [v2] was understandable XD

Ciao~ ashley

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  1. Dear diary,

    How am I going to get my bike to school? It needs to be there by Tuesday, and I don’t think I can fit it in my car. I do only live three blocks away from school, but I don’t feel like riding it there. Also if I did that, I wouldn’t have my car to drive to lunch and I might be late in the morning. Maybe my friend can get it in his pickup. I should pump up the tires too… Did I finish my CA homework? Yeah, I did. K, I’m going to bed now.

  2. , Hokay.

    I just consumed what was supposed to be a complete drama-rant about how 7 people hate each other and or are friends. Good enough for me.

    I like scenario #2 the best. Desperate. Poor. Desperate people.

  3. Lol he’s still a hoe alrite, and this blog is hilarious cuz its soo dramatic o.O

  4. Wait when did he join. Either Im too under informed (Which I know i am) or he just joined without me noticing.


    Welcome to MMO? O.o

  5. Leave indie bands out of this!

    Mark’s a skank fo’ sho’ but I still think he’s a good kid. I don’t know what happened with y’all but Nicole’s a creepy girl and Mark’s a good kid. I don’t think he would ever intentionally hurt you or any other of his friends. He is a little dumb (most bimbos are) but he’s a good person.

    Hun, try not to blow this out of proportion. There’s nothing to get jealous of, Nicole disappears after 3 weeks for months at a time, just be patient and wait it out.

  6. People hate the indie bands i like at school. ;-; thats why i labeled them bad** indie bands WELL ANYWAY INDIE BANDS <3
    eh god but nicoles coming on alot now
    oh and mark died his hair black again he looks so weird -.- more asian Lol

  7. So what? Just cause Nicole gets on you’re not allowed to talk to Mark? Do your thing and let Nicole do hers. If she acts like a ho then no one is gonna like her, but you act selfishly and hostile towards her it makes you look bad.

    If you can be nice to her despite her behavior you’d be a great person and a far greater person than me (but I’m awesome eh? EH?! alright!).
    And, uh, no “indie band” is bad (except Erase Errata). If other people can’t accept your taste you should’t label it bad, you should label it an “acquired taste”. People in your school probably listen to the horrible music on the radio. Plus, someone’s gotta support crappy indie music (other than me). Rock on, Ash! Keep the crap music alive!

  8. DarkDragoon said: “Erase Errata rox ass
    o-m-f-g we can never speak again

    Lol, Lee if you heard Erase Errata you wouldn’t make this joke.

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