It’s Kick-Off Time.

YES. SUPERBOWL TIME. Personally, I’m rooting for the Giants. However, I’m depending on some scoring from the Pats as well, seeing that I placed my bet to be over 54…

Anyway, another good old Metrolink “thought” blog. Yes, it’s about football and more, too! How very exciting. Anyway, I’m going to make this quick since I’m dying to watch the game.

Today’s topic is about the obliviousness about Maplers. Most Maplers do not know A THING outside of Maple. They know nothing about sports, pop-culture, or anything that happens in the world yet they still act like they’re superior and more intelligent than everyone else. Y’know, this really pisses me off. There’s so much you can learn if you maybe take a minute a day to read the news articles on Yahoo! or Google. Or maybe if you watch the news while you play… I don’t know.

I know plenty of people that are unaware of the presidential elections taking place this year.


Anyway, I’m not sure if you all see this in Maple, but another is that when you talk about these things, you’ll usually get very impolite and unnecessary responses from heedless people who try to sound smart.

For example:
Person 1: Hey Jon. You know that Heath Ledger died today?
Friend of Person 1: Yeah! That sucks. Man, he was pretty young too…
Oblivious Moron: l0lx heth lger is noob lol 1 mill plz

I don’t know about you guys, but I get a ton of that nonsense. Maybe not always in that caliber of irrationality, but I have to deal with that crap every time I’m on.

I want to apologize in advance if you were expecting to read a longer blog. Well, I’m off to watch the game. If you want to discuss it here, feel free to do so.

15 thoughts on “It’s Kick-Off Time.”

  1. i knew you were gonna post a superbowl blog

    man, i wanted to see the giants and the colts play

  2. Betelgeuse said: “i knew you were gonna post a superbowl blog

    man, i wanted to see the giants and the colts play

    Agreed. That would be a hell of a game, not just because of the two Mannings but also the hype that would be generated both by the media and the crowd.

    I wanted the Packers to win. I was watching it at my parents’ anniversary dinner at Chaya Brasserie. The last ten minutes or so were pretty insane. . .

  3. Clever way to make a generally irrelevant blog MMOT acceptable

    I got the bowl TiVo’d

    yay for me

    I’m gonna watch it tomorrow because i’m on the comp at the moment and i don’t wanna get off just yet

  4. LOL football is for. . .


    no just kidding i just cant get into it unless its eyeshield 21. or ti has a sexy guy in it. or if i was WATCHIGN it with a sexy guy. id maybe watch it tehn =O


  5. The Pats’ undefeated season was inevitable.

    The NFL wasn’t even fun this year because of that.


    Meh. I’mma go have some of that seven-layer dip now. 8D

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