Yeah FTW.. I think?

Well, I restarted my warrior AaronFTW. I managed to get it to level 36.

Day one:


I decided it was finally time to restart Scania. I found a list of an accounts, rounded up around 2m, bought some nice accuaracy gear for AaronFTW and headed off to the ant Tunnel. After long hours of training, I decided to earn some money at sakura cellions. I traIned there for about 30% and made a good 300k profit not counting equips. I continued training there another 100%. Oh lord it was boring, but hell I made a lot of money. I was happy. Though I nearly went insane >_>… literally.

Day two:


I decided to go to Ludibrium and do those mob ratz type of training. It was really fast EXP. It was a Friday, so I had time to play. I confessed my love to someone that day too ._.;;. I still don’t know how she feels about me. Anyways I continued training finding out this lame-O pattern, but it was fast EXP. I knew I was going to make it to 35 day. Warrior hell is almost gone! I got a headache level 34 70% crud. Went to sleep.

Day three:


I got past level 34 on a mob of ratz. Warrior hell finally over. I beat my old warrior record. I made a legit non shared account warrior to level 34. I quit it and totally forgot the info. Then I made a shared warrior with my friend in Bera. We got it to level 51? and just quit MapleStory… Well he did, and I don’t work on the page anymore. I finally pasted my old warrior record.

I basiclly PQed my way past level 35. Got up to like 70~80%? I went to do a Ludi quest. Got those spiffy seeds, and went to Ellina. I thought of training at those cellions since I can use my lion heart now. It sure was great EXP. I can constantly 1-2 hit kill. it was fun. I got like 4~5 equips in like 20% O_o. I leveled afterwards Horahh :3..

I’ve been really lazy on my blogs, so i’m sorry.

Likey please.

sorry for the spelling errors and junk. I like fell asleep twice writing this blog. Night. So you girls in bed… <3 :3.

4 thoughts on “Yeah FTW.. I think?”

  1. I just started a warrior. I’m lost and confused! D:

    *Has only made mages.*

    Grats on lvling.

  2. applebomb said: “Whisper blocking jerk, see if I try stalking YOU again.”

    I only did that because of, er person reason.

  3. Aaron It was a delight seeing you the other day all of a sudden after I came back from dinner. We still need to talk I think. ^^

    Anyway, welcome back to Scania. =)

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