rofl, re:jealous maplers

well, with my lvl 51, i was normally hunting cellions for some $$$$
so i did my usual, jump, kill, jump, kill …
10 minutes later..
a lvl 35 comes… he tries to ks meh.
he says, cc plz.
nah i was here first o.o;;

-1 hour later-

he still tries to ks meh
i think u should cc man.
no, cc noob, before i mass defame you.
go ahead >.>

-20 minutes later-
his whole guild arrives (i think)
-defame, defame, defame-
-146 fame
haha, no cc b4 we ks you.
-i stay-
they all kill the cellions >.>

-claw booster, switches back to tobies from icies (showing off, ) and puts on 11 atk wg. o.o-

then i resume training liek normal, they werent even making it harder, just the warriors got the cellions in a bunch, then i owned the cellions, so it was better then without them. ><
after about 3 hours, most of the guild members log off, except that guy who started this mess
you done yet? i ask >.>
he goes, yay i got 10%
-what i got 12% >.>- (hes lvl 35, im 51 >.> although i had 2x exp T_T)

so this is how it goes >.>
be patient and dun cc wen u deserve that chnnl, or watever
after awhile, youll get what u deserve, thats what i live by
P.S i also live by PARAMORE!! WHOOOO