RETARDED People in FreeStyle

Well, I haven’t really posted much so I’m off to a new start. I’m gonna blog about my day on FreeStyle, online street basketball. First of all, most of you probbaly have never heard of this game, but that’s okay, it’s not very common. But if you like stuffing people like spreading wild fire in a field of wheat, I suggest you try this. Anyway…
Today. On FreeStyle. People. SUCKED. I’m usually a pretty laid back guy, but when a center is shooting three pointers outside the line, while leaving me, a Forward, to reobund against a Center, is just ridiculous. I got so pissed off at this guy, after losing 5 times in a row against the other team(Don’t ask why I played with him 5 times). I kicked him from the room, and he comes to the channel in his alternate account, which apparently is a higher leveled account. He tells me off, and I kick him out again. He re logs in, and calls me a coward. I call him an annoying 7 year old, and there was the spark that lighted the fire. We went into the open channel, and we picked up about 50 people in our fight. Not pretty. Most of them siding with him(Higher level = Higher Benefits I guess). So then everyone starts kicking me out of rooms just because of that. Overall, the day kinda sucked. So yeah. Try it, but I’ll tell you right now. You might hate the people who play that game. The north American Version is hosted by Sierra Online. Enjoy “-_-