Well hell, what can i say…………..

what can i say, ya know how when you take break from a game, for whatever reason. your usually psyched to start playing again??
well, maybe i should’ve waited a day to go back.
i had logged in a couple times over the last 2 weeks, just scoping out the impact of newer updates and stuff, checking up on old friends and whatnot.
but yesterday was the first day i’d logged in twice in a row. before, i hadn’t really done anything, just sat there and chatted, letting my fairy level (he levels almost as slow as i do now)
anyway, yesterday was like my official return to TOP, where i trained, quested, sailed. checked out new crap. the whole 9 yards. the day seemed to start on an off note with me being constantly hounded by a noob. “train me i know people in good guilds, i can get you in” ummmm no. go away. then he said he was going to report me. so i was like go ahead. (i didn’t want him to, because i was training my noob at the time) he said i won’t report you if you give me your fairy. what kid, please, **** off already. so he then proceeds to cuss me out and then says he’ll leave me alone if i can beat him at PVP. he’s a crusader, no gemed swords or special equips as far as i can tell, and at least 20 levels lower than me.
to those that play, you’ve got to know a seal master vs a crusader that weak, if just like….like flicking a fly and killing it.
so i go and beat him, then he says i cheated. how the hell did i cheat?! i was seal, bolt boklt dead. there was no cheating. so he says fight him again and don’t use my fairy. ok….. i beat him again. then he says don’t use seals. ao i don’t, i bolt him and run away, when he gets close i bolt bolt him again and he dies. wow, stunning. he said i was cheating still and he was going to report me for it.
i didn’t say that though, i started to walk away and he says one more time! no seal no fairy OK?
“do you promise to leave me alone of i kill you?” he said yes, so i went and killed him.
no seals.
no fairies.
i didn’t even use cakes! the kid was a seriously weak crusader.
so finally feeling i was free of him, i went all the way back to the forest where my noob had been left patiently waiting.
and started training her again. HE COMES BACK. and tries to ks me.
but i can 2 hit everything there, (kinda like him XP)
he starts saying i’m ks him, then asks why my friend isn’t attacking. (up to this point i only make her give a def bonus to herself because she’s a pure spr cleric, she can’t take a punch worthy anything yet.)
and i said because i promised to train her, she was my friend. so he starts swearing at me because i would train her but not him, blah blah he’s going to report me. so instead, i reported him for harassing me so damn much.
then he starts challenging my noob to PVP.
she’s only 2 levels higher than him. and still very weak. (well her attack power is awesome) so i decide what the hell, i go and buy her the medal of valor or whatever the hell it’s called, send her into PVP with mr annoying “i can’t shut my ****ing mouth” and sorta give her a nice power boost with intense magic.

much to my suprise, she wins.
twice! then he told her to turn off her fairy skill (some fairy skills look similar to intenese magic, but the one i saw glows gold around the feet, intense magic glows a light bluish green) well, my intense magic takes forever to wear off.
slo instead of waiting around getting insulted by one very pissy little breat, i logged my noob off and went back to spring for awhile.
i was for the most part, relaxed. i had the best spot and i was holding it down pretty well.
well i’d been talking to a friend on MSN, (remember the guy who ruined SOS? yeah, his new gf) and we decided to meet up in game, this had followed a conversation about why, and how much i hated him. well guess who she didn’t warn me was going to be there? MR. **** NUT HIMSELF! i was for the most part, petrified. a, i thought he quit, b i hate his guts.
and he KNOWS that, na also hates mine.

well he makes some snide comment about how i still have the wings he gave me. so what? he goes on about how usually you don’t keep stuff peiople you hate give you. eh, i kinda like them ya know? they are really pretty and they suit my charecter well. regardless of how i feel about him, i like my wings, and i don’t want to, and never will, sell or trade them just because he’s an asshole. to which he responds, yeah a useful asshole. then he says he taught me the ways of DS and spoiled me, yeah true ya know what? you did teach me ALOT about DS. but the whole guild helped me too, it WASN”T JUST YOU. you didn’t do everything by yourself. and ya know what else? yeah i WAS greatful fopr all the help you gave me, and for teaching me as much as you did, but it is also because of you i don’t go to DS anymore, if you recall, the day after your stupid stunt and your ****ty personality came out, i leveled past DS, by myself. and yes, i did say if i ever betrayed you i’d give you back your wings.

but you betrayed me first. and i’m not sorry i’ve had you blocked on MSN, and deleted off my game contacts list. i am over everything that happened, but completely cutting off all contact with you was the only way i could do that.
i’m not sorry that i ditched you, you were a ****ty friend and an even ****tier person. and every girl who’s ever met you, says the same thing.
that’s gotta say something.

now, that being said. the whole time we were there that is basically how it went, he said i was a liar, that my version of the truth and reality are totally different (he’s pissed off i told his gf about what he’s done to other girls, as a warning, nothing else) and that i warned his now ex, he was telling his current gf he loved her while he was with his ex.
he tore into me and stayed there just to do so. i finally got fed up and left saying i was going to go find something interesting to do. in which he chased after me demanding his wings back, when i couldn’t ditch the speedy midget i teleported away.
i have no intention of giving them back, since that wasn’t how the agreement went. if he betrayed me i got to keep them. and he did.
i’m not gonna sell them either because that would just be proving his point. the wings, don’t relate to him when i look at them, they relate to me and i love them

ther hiigh point of the day, i got my fave spot on spring again, and got a ton of beauty chests, like the fpxes were comforting me mwahahaha.
i wound down and relaced alot after that. howe4ver the night got worse as i logged out, i stubbed my toe in the dark, and upchucked my dinner (it must’ve been all my dinners this week, alot of upchuck for so little food)
anyway, thanks for reading guys!

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  1. Harro. I haven’t seen you here, so I’m assuming you’re new.

    Welcome to MMOtales.


  2. iSPADE said: “Harro. I haven’t seen you here, so I’m assuming you’re new.

    Welcome to MMOtales.


    She’s been here longer then you. or he,

  3. iSPADE no, deffinatley not new. just inactive as of late, i’m more active now that things in my personal life have settled back into place. but thanks for the welcome.
    MeepsterXP, yes i have, and your first guess was right, i’m a girl.
    MasterCheeze, yes, i am that chick that played that one game XP, and thanks for always posting on the things i write about it.

  4. lol guys play nice now, he obviously didn’t know me or look at my ID or anything.
    EonaGM really that many?
    i’ll take your word on it i’m waaaaaaaaay too lazy to go count.
    thanks for commenting everyone!

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