Big Bad Voodoo Daddy

During last Halloween a new map was added: Prendergast Mansion (Haunted House for some), in Masteria; in the beginning, only players with an NX costume could enter (but Nexon isn’t money hungry >>; ) and, after the event finished, everyone else could enter. Inside there are a few of the best training spots known: voodoos/hoodoos.

These babies are faaast training, the fastest I had since Barnard Grays back in 5x, it’s 335 experience for 2-3 hits; I seriously recommend it… if u can get there (more on this later)

Of course, it can’t be all perfect; for starters, since it’s that good, it’s crowded most of the time; not for me, though, since most of GMS players are from the USA and I’m in Argentina, my playing times match school time, so yay for school! (if people could ‘dislike’ this blog, they would >> ); although the last few days the number of players has increased.
One may think that this crowdedness would lead to more ks incidents than usual, but no; most people entering your room leave right away or ask if you’re leaving soon, a few ask for party, and there’s a small minority that tries to boot you out, or, good Lord , ks you ‘bc itz fun!!11!’ *slaps forehead*; get a life, people.

Second of all, there’s no safe spot, so the risk of chat-death is high (especially for me); imagine if you have to go to the bathroom… (you should’ve gone before!!)

Also, it’s a twisted maze that seems to have came out from the mind of someone that has slowly but irreversibly descended into madness (that’s why I said ‘IF you can get there’). Not recommended for the directionally challenged.

Finally, every time you change channel you are taken back outside, which is good for people who get lost easily, but makes channel surfing more difficult.

A few words about level 80:
I am NOT wearing a giant rock in a bucket!!

That’s it. o.o

Oh, and a cookie to whoever finds out what the title means. ^^

7 thoughts on “Big Bad Voodoo Daddy”

  1. Why won’t you wear a giant rock in a bucket! >O! It’s like, PART OF A RANGER’S TRIALS AND TRIBULATIONS! >O!


    HAAAAI DAMYRC~ *glomp*

  2. Wasn’t Big Bad Voodoo a skill in WC3? o 3o

    Anyways, I always train with someone else at hoodoos/ voodoos. And when I play, there’s usually people who enter the room, start killing everything, then leave when you ask them to. ;_;

    THen again, there are the tards who ks you for no reason but screw them O:


  3. mmmhmmm That map is always taken, I tried to share (mostly clerics) and it never works, I lost fame this way

  4. Big Daddy. Some freakishly modified freak in a diver’s suit with a right hand of a drill or machine gun accompanying a Little Sister, who both goes down like a punk noob, with a little help from my lil’ friend: Mr Shotgun, Mrs Electric buckshots, and Pappy Incinerate!.

  5. @Silvar: I think I had enough tribulations with the archer-only glitch this past days.

    And, um, hai? o.o

    @Dee: , no o.o

    @Reves: ya, that’s happened to me as well; some people leave without being asked, too

    @Nassanei: you could try asking for party in every channel, there’s always someone who accepts

    And keep guessing, or try asking google

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