i r te blg of mystry! lzy ete snail!

King of weird titles? ! ? ! ? ! ? !
Alas, I return with news to tell you! I have seized the title king captive and ask to be crowned the king of weird titles!
If thou denies, then you shallz not get the (uhh thinks of medieval time snack) the corn of pop? Lol, sorry, best I could come up with!

Truthfully, this blog would better serve its purpose if I titled this work, “Goals to reach!”
Why? ! The blogging pirates on West B. and S. Street SAID SO! ! !(This would typically be the moment where I spam a series of random outbursts which could be identified as parenthi, but through some amazing chance, I have ceased doing that!) The contents of this blog will consist of stuff that’s been going on and it’s more like a filler blog, so you can follow my story chronologically! Lol, NO EMPTY GAPS OF TIME FOR ME! (Oh funny sandwiches! There was a 3 second interval I once skipped and forgot to tell you guys about! T.T)

Oh gee, I seem to have a fever blog, I might just end up barfing this blog out!
So to kick start this blog I’ll let you view some pics!

Yay, I have pics! Rejoice! Huzzoh!(Lol, I’m not copying Grimno! *shifty glance*
Wow, I go through great hazard to take these pics for you guys! Hint: Look at hp!
Created this for MSN pic! Add me if you wish, it’s lazydame AT NOSPAM hotmail.com

The last time I blogged, I was around level 50! Miraculously, I have traveled through these levels like a butterfly in a time machine! 0.o (I loves teh butterflies!)(. . .and buttefingers!)
So most of you are wondering what has happened? ! Well, I’m not gonna say and I have decided to end the blog here! Soooooooooooooooooo long!
*blank screen*
*screen with butterflies*
*screen with Ganzicus baking a pie in his pretty little pink apron covered with flowers!*
*blue screen*

Aha! I have tricked you! I am not done with this blog! Not even close! Here we go!
Put on your time travel hats on and get ready for the ride through randomness and lazily written words and napping paper clips and crazy watches and. . .(errggg it’s getting difficult to come up with other ones, oh wait) amazing pancakes and multi-colored lamp lights and most importantly Cheezy wearing a turtle on his head! (may I mention that the turtle is covered in cheeze? ! or would that just sound totally weird? ! The cheezy turtle covers cheeze! ! !(ooh a tongue twister! !)


One of my greatest friends (friends from the ‘noob’ days) reached the grand level of 100! I smega’d him with one of those new smega pic things, yes I know I’m a hypocrite! Well, my dream of taking a pic of all my smegas is dead, lol, I’m so forgetful! He now owes me a soda because that’s what I said in my smega! He hasn’t payed me that soda yet, he shall be in my debt forever! ! ! . . .until I receive my soda!


I’m leeting up this blog! I leet! LEET LEET LEET!
What does 1337 mean? ! (XD)

Unsure if I have mentioned this in my last blog, but I bought a shop and it’s a really good money maker! Although, I’m not an awesome merchant, but I get buy!(lol, get it? ! ? ! ? It’s a merchant joke!) Merchanting is a gradual learning process! I’m actually shocked that I’m remembering some prices and knowing basically how much everything should be worth! (I’m also making a price guide for myself, yeah my comp is too slow to always alt+tab!) Nowadays though, I have found a new philosophy that I hold about the spending of mesos! Spend ‘em! They’re just going to lie there anyway so why don’t you utilize them and get some good equips! ? This blog, I’ve left untouched for about 3 weeks though, so I have found a new way to spend my mesos! I put 60% of my profit into merchanting and 40% of it is spending money!

Transitioning on from that, I have accomplished just that! I bought myself a 7 atk wg from the friend aforementioned for a cheap price, then I traded that in for an 8 atk wg from my other friend! My list of equips is as follows:
1. 8 strength Ic(2) Cape! (scrolled myself! the last 60% unfortunately failed!)
2. 8 atk wg!
3.14 speed red whitebottom shoes! (amazingly, I scrolled these myself!)(lol, my pride and joy of scrolling, but the hogs make them worthless soon)(only 4 stats below perfection!)
4.Some good lvl 50 bottom which I shall keep until I hit lvl 70! (sneak peak: my next blog will be about leading up to 3rd job and of the 3rd job itself!*cough*v-i-d*cough*) *Flaming leopard crashes through the window and pounces on me* Uh, technical difficulties! *shing* *pow* *pow* *throws dee at leppard* *puts glasses on the leppard*
Leppard: Oh, I can see! What bafflement! This is not my place of residence! I am truly sorry innocent and handsome person for bursting into your house in this manner!
Me: Ehhh, next time use the front door! f3!
5. Good top!
6. Lvl 60 red orientican helm? ! (unsure of the exact name!)
At this point, it just occurred to me I could take pics of these! Which I shall, immediately after 120 days have passed! Lol, wow, I’m getting obsessed with that number! Just so all know, I don’t aim for level 120, I’m going for 123! (favorite number ebar! With chocolate chip cookies on top! 0.o)

Side note: I always use the word “ebar” for ‘ever’! Lol, sounds more epic!

There are no shams here!


Yeeeeaaaaaaahhhhh. . .that was a strange header. . .
This is my kickoff point, lol, I’ve never actually made that apparent in a blog before!
In simple(NO, I DON’T PLAY THE P-SERVER!)(don’t want to! *f7*) terms, that means I wrote part of this blog and now am starting up again, after quite a while too! T.T!

Oh, and yes! I HAVE found the secret paradise of the fat pandas! It’s this hidden street map in mu lung! The pandas know karate, really freaky stuff!

That was sort of random! Lol, geeze, I fail at getting back on target! (Speaking of target I got nx!)
Not at target though! T.T (Wow, I just somehow wrote a brilliant transition here!)

So, my summer has kicked off and as I only get nx in the summer, I HAVE PURCHASED A TON OF STUFFS! Ooh, and I got additional pictures! (Hooray, go Damian!)(Yay, I LIKE COCA COLA!)(0.o)(Hey, I deserve a coca cola! You think they can hear us if we talk in parenthi?)(No, Damian, don’t be crazy, they don’t know we’re insane!)

Solution to boredom?
Boredom or pyromaniac? ! You decide! ! ! Or, umm, both![/mutters] (Or STAR WARS EPISODE 7: YODA DOES YOGA!)
OMG, there are other people in this game? !
Wolf for dinner? !

Ahhh! Pic overflow! I has shown too much! MUST ERASE! *gets knocked out by Ganzicus still wearing that embarrassing apron but I think it’s pretty courageous and Ganzicus can make anything seem cool![/url? ? ?] (No, sadly, no pic! Ganzicus punched me right through my camera and in my face!)

*revived by cookies* Am I in heaven! Yay, other fellow NARUTARDS! Finally, I can discuss STAR WARS EPISODE 8: WOOKIES MAKE COOKIES!
Ganzicus: Nope, sorry, this is just plain old mmotales! CUT TO THE NEXT HEADER!
lazydame: YEAH, CUFT TO FE NEXFT PARFFFT! (I experimentally ate a cookie for that just to see how to say that! Now, that’s commitment!

Maple Anniversary: Take 3? !

So, we have successfully managed to make this blog overflowing with pics, and soon we shall all drown! WE? ! Okay, okay, I!

How did I manage to take down that huge wolf-like thingy? GM BLESS OF COURSE! When this patch first came out, it was really an exciting time in maple! The game was packed with people and fun roamed everywhere in maple! Sadly, I had recently won a ton of auctions on basil! . . .And I didn’t have enough money! So there was about a week of money schemes I went through so that I could scruff up enough money! Amazingly, I even borrowed some money from my friend, but I paid him back 800k extra just cause I like being nice! These were probably the first traders that were actually able to contact me really fast! But I dodged that!

I even discovered that I can train at STDs with GM Bless and only take a minimal 10 damage per hit while gaining decent exp and making great money!

I’d also like to make note, since we’re on the topic of patches and stuff, do you guys remember that april fools thing? ! Gender switch nx clothes? ! Well, I saw this crossdresser and he looked really freaky! I made a joke, “How much exp do you get for killing that monster? !” Yeah, took a pic but stupid pic thing doesn’t work all the time!

In this patch, showa also. . .showed up!


Yeah, weird. . .
LOL! There was this girl that entered, and it’s a glitch because it’s a gender separated room! Yeah, it was a loaded room! I don’t think she got out alive! 0.o!

The Next Leonardo Maplinci? !

I went to showa on the first day! Lol, what I like about these patches is I can actually hang out with my high level friends for a bit! Generally, everyone was visiting for the accesories you can buy!

My friend and I traveled to the slime pit of lava in the showa sauna!
“Dam slimes”
Haven’t said that since lvl 10 or somewhere around there!
These slimes are red and they do a whopping amount of damage! Take a few good hits to kill too!

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: To the mapler who owns a hog with the license I33TB4C0N, you are parked in the wrong zone, dragon section, and if it is not moved immediately we will tow!
Random announcements make the world go round!

While in showa, I went to explore the various maps, and I bumped into the showa mob boss! He likes to blend in with the others and it was quite unexpected meeting him there! Summarizing the conversation up: 4xxx damage and I died! (Right now, I have 3.9k hp and am about to hit 4k! So excited!)

The awkward topic of Death!

I will be constructing a guide on how to die the correct way! NOT REALLY THOUGH!

Okays, so a couple of deaths I’ve had! At lvl 62 one rarely dies, especially a fighter!
Nonetheless, I use the excuse of ‘I was unfortunately captured by WoW nerds(no offense) who tied me up and hacked into my account and afk’d at horntail so I died!’

-Death by gatekeepers, I didn’t even provoke them! Strange fact: They continue to attack you once you are dead!
-Died at zombies
-Died at PPQ, which I have started participating in! Big pot waster! But I want the hats!

And this. . .
*shows pic and quickly takes away*
Yeah. . .
You didn’t glimpse it? !

Yeah, there was a lot of people who actually thought I died on accident and were asking me how! XD
That was fun! Especially the nooby 4th job I/L who was there making fun of me! T.T

Snails are great training!

. . .for my noobs!
I currently have a level 40 str dit! My F/P, I have managed to train to level 36!

My str dit is my secondary character and the maxing of Savage Blow has been completed! That move allows me to have amazing fun!


No, I didn’t just call myself a huge metal machine that carries large metal boxes around on tracks! I stated that I train my fighter by killing monsters!

I remember a really, ancient, long, way back, old, not new time ago when everyone would create blogs that bragged about training at FoG or Zombies!
I have reached that point in my maple career! It feels neat to train at these areas! I feel like I have really made it far in this game and am looking forward to monsters that are at an advanced difficulty!

I find the attitude I have while training at FoG seems really abnormal! For reasons unknown, I could train there for an incredible amount of time and not really get bored! Instead, I drift into this state that seems like I’m out of my mind! (well, I am out of my mind and insanely crazy but you know what I mean!) The best way to explain it is: it’s like I’m just sitting there, spaced out, yet not bored! I managed to train there one morning, right off the bat, for 30%!

As for zombies, they’re fun to kill but the occasional misses and the poison and the amount of hits while grinding on them all combine to make it a bit annoying! But the zombies in the mines have cool hat animations! (Wiggly Brains!)(Err, zombies don’t possess brains, uh marshmallow yogurt!)

Spectacles of Laziness!

I believe that one of my friends is a good luck charm when it comes to scrolling!
I went on a 7 scroll success streak! The scrolls were a mix of 60, 70, and 30 percents!

This weekend, I decided to do the zakum quests!
I did all of them in one day!
First level: A mine with tons of rooms which have rocks and treasure chests you must break and the whole point is to acquire 7 keys with the option of collecting 30 papers for 5 dead mine scrolls! That was completed after 3 tries, I was trying to collect the papers, but found it impossible to do by yourself!
2nd Lvl: The famous zakum jumpquest! Isn’t this supposed to be one of the most difficult jumpquests in the game? I’m truly finding jumpquests to be way too easy for me nowadays! I also finished the 3rd sleepywood jumpquest really quick a while ago!
3rd LEVEL: Gather 30 golden zteeth! No problem, although it did take like 3 hours! I was extremely patient!

That’s it? !

No flaming monkeys? !
No annoying advertisements? !
No famous and stupid laziness? !
No freshly baked. . .*everyone prepares to kill me*. . .chicken chocolate potatoes. . . . . . ? !
The cookies are over there! Ha! Since this is a blog, you can’t see where I am pointing!
*Pointing east at the table* WHA? ! Fingers! How could you type that? ! !
OMG, looks like the fat pandas are eating the cookies that the wookies so kindly provided!
Time to use my training skills!


Once again, I am dumbstruck as to how to end this blog!
Ganzicus, can you punch me again? !

*throws blog into toaster* Blog Toast!
*eats blog*
Ha, you guys can’t read the blog in my stomach!
You can? ! Okay, that’s just wild! Well, my blogs are out of the ordinary!

To start off this blog, I would like to mention. . .
Wait, now I’m just reverting back to the beginning. . .
That’s the complete opposite of what I desire!

Did I mention. . .
~LaZz*sliced and diced by ninjas with pancake daggers*

Ohh, look a twix, I mean trix, I mean *smashes blog with frying pan!*

Tune in next time to STARS WARS 9: THE END OF THIS BLOG!

~BONZAI!~ (lol, bet you expected ~laZzz! Ha!)
Hey, that is just unright!

This has been a Maple Blog brought to you by the creators of post-it-notes and trees and penguins and bad movies that no one wants to view and fighters that suck at training and bicycles and boats and pets and zakum and pirates and scrolls and mesos and most of all: ducks!

Have a nice, extroardinary, almost, full of ducks, quacky, unboring, snowy, isleep, noonecares, iownafirelizard, unfullofdumannoyingmessageslikethisonethatyou’rereallytryingsohardtoreadandwhichisalsosohardtotypewithoutbeingtemptedtopressspacebarwhenijustdidandcookie! Yeah, cookie probably was a word that was noticed!

~LaZzz. . .byebyebyebyebyeseeyalaterganzicusisawalrusandcloudstastelikechips!

~LaZzz. . .(A bit extra for those who like to read!)

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  1. I just got an overdose of exclamation marks, LOL.
    But an interesting, action-filled blog nonetheless!

  2. Can you guys do the exclamation mark? !
    It’s a dance!

    Oh, and more comments! Or else. . .I steal your vegetables from your gardens!

    Hey guys, if I shortened up my blogs but it still had the same craziness would you guys still like them?
    Just wondering, if the length is actually one of the aspects you like.

  3. Dude, I just found out where the pandas in Mu Lung are too! Silver and I were doing a bunch of quests around there, and for once the Ghost Sheet quest isn’t a pita.

    Also, I took the liberty of noticing a few quotes in your blog that made me lol:

    xsl3y3rx said: “you have a bandit lvl 30-50 I can have”
    ryomanaruto said: “im noob”
  4. Lol, yeah, I noticed that bandit quote too when I was looking over that pic
    I was thinking it was ironic, because I did in fact have a str dit between lvl 30-50
    Well, obviously, that’s probably what you found funny about it

    Yay, I think I might get chapter 2 done soon!

  5. lazydame said: “Lol, yeah, I noticed that bandit quote too when I was looking over that pic
    I was thinking it was ironic, because I did in fact have a str dit between lvl 30-50
    Well, obviously, that’s probably what you found funny about it

    Yay, I think I might get chapter 2 done soon!”

    Nah, I just liked the noobiness of the comment.

    i have yet to find these pandas!


    i read it all. and tried to say it!


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