A Hero’s Struggle Ch. 2

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Chapter 2: Escape Yields Rewards

The phenomenon of silence awkwardly occupied the area. Everyone was on the ground and everything had seemed to cease, even the aggravations in Damian’s head were gone. As Damian had dived straight into the lost boy, the screeching in his head became unbearable, and then silence struck. The contact had been a really strange clash of feelings: pain, joy, fear, curiousness, and the same unusual feeling that he had experienced when teleporting. The whirling in his head imitated real life as the two rolled uncontrollably across the ground of the forest. Of course, Damian had felt nothing of this physical pain; he only felt a feeling unlike any ever experienced.

Now, peace seemed to settle in the area, an aspect of life that seemed so out of place in this situation Damian had become trapped in. The pain in his mind was gone, but the scar of evil and the gain of information remained. Damian noticed that the attacks had subsided. Wondering why, he turned his head towards his chaser. He was picking himself up, after having tripped.

The thief’s voice disturbed the extreme silence and a single word flowed from his mouth, “Why?”

The voice seemed so unlike the one Damian had listened to a little while ago. He would have never guessed that a word said in such a turbid utterance could have escaped from such a man.

Ripped vestments cloaked both of their bodies, strained from all the action. The thief was already halfway up and Damian was copying the movement. For brief seconds, their eyes slid across each others’ gazes. A pair of completely black eyes and ones quite the same except for a single dot of white stuck in the pools of black glared out from the lashes squeezing together.

They held the vengeful look for a short time and then Damian screamed,”Go, go, go,” while lashing out his hand to help the boy he had tackled. A star screamed through the air, just skimming Damian’s cheek as he turned to dash. More stars were hastily whipped, attempting to get the two off balance. Damian fumbled around them and guided the kid out of the way of the silver missiles by yanking on his shirt. Scattering around, Damian pushed the other boy to go out ahead as he distracted the thief. Stars implanted deep into trees as Damian twisted from one to the next. Soon, they were out gaining distance from their pursuer. Relieved, he noticed that there were no more abnormal shouts in his head. For some reason though, he could not shake the feeling that he wasn’t truly alone in his mental world.

Suddenly, a star shot through the air with an orange tail. Damian quickly dived out to the opposite direction. The star smashed into a tree and unleashed flames that clawed at the his side. Getting up again, he was quickly sprinting beside the other boy. Without warning, he felt another force split the air. A star pushed through the gap between them and engraved itself into the ground. Damian, with an instantaneous tightening of muscles, automatically felt himself give a hard shove to the person beside him and they both separated. He flew out in a diagonal angle, landing on a roll and the motion pushing him back into an upward position. The delayed star finally blew up, splitting the air with a fireball.

The thief turned his attention to Damian, who was motioning across a distance for the boy he had saved to continue. Damian barely ducked under a star coming for his upper body. The trees outlined a straight path like cones in an airport runway. There was only one problem, this path led to a cliff. Unsure of what to do, Damian kept going so the stars would keep missing him. After the collision with the boy, the demon in his head was missing and Damian was making instructions for himself now. The barks of trees shattered all around him and wood particles floated through the air as millions of stars cut through the forest plants.

The assassin saw that there was nowhere for the boy left to run across. He skillfully pushed a star out of his hand. This star flew out of the thief’s claw, with an extra push, and headed on a sure path which would rip through Damian’s heart.

Finally approaching the edge, Damian had minimal time to think. He didn’t stop, instead he stretched his arm sideways and soared off the edge with the motion carrying him. The star reached desperately. All of a sudden, Damian’s body swung away and the star nicked the side of his arm, only succeeding in leaving a tiny cut. With his hand hooking onto the nearest tree, Damian had spun around, for a second only a tremendous drop had waited below, but his motion brought him around to the other side of the tree and his feet touched solid land once again.

Damian ran across to meet up with the boy again. His hand accidently flung out and touched the boy’s arm. His head seemed to suddenly shutter with a weird feeling, and the blue light surrounded them both. In the next moment, they were in a small rocky room with one of the walls absent. Looking through this gap, the boys saw tops of trees stretching far. Damian stepped up right to the edge and examined the area below him and took a swift glance upward, only to find an image of the man that was after them standing right on the cliff they had just vanished at. He reclined instantly into the crevice of the cliff wall.

Meanwhile, the thief stood on the spot where the boy had disappeared from and had not seen Damian below. What the hell is this! Why can’t I sense his presence! ? He leaped down to a platform jutting out of the cave underneath. He examined the area, searching for him. Damn, this can’t happen! He’ll become too powerful, an unnecessary nuisance! The thief searched while in contemplation. Damian and the mysterious boy waited, their breathing careful and their motions frozen. After what felt like hours, the thief slowly left the side of the cliff, searching in the forest.

Suddenly, they were safe. There was no need to be in constant movement anymore and the tension lifted off their backs. But with the tension leaving, there was a certain awkwardness that formed. They hadn’t really been introduced but none of them possessed the gift to speak. Making hand gestures toward his mouth the other boy translated back to Damian that he couldn’t talk. Somehow, the silent decision was made to walk onwards through the forest. Damian had roamed the earth all his life and now he had a partner. So much roamed through his head. The new intelligence he possessed confused him to extreme measures.

The rest of the day went by and the boys came to something. Curiosity struck them; their traveling through the green forest had stumbled them across some destroyed ruins that stood in a clearing. Walls rose up but ended with bricks missing. These buildings must have been attacked and the structures torn apart. The two had never seen buildings before; no spark of information ignited in their heads. Only amazement appeared on their faces. They walked onto the white brick floor, marveling the ruined buildings by touching them with wonder. Their eyes shown and then something of a different color attracted their attention. A blue and shiny sphere lay there in the midst of all the damage. They both dashed over to it and bent over it. With a greedy stamina, they both reached out for the object. Each of them grabbed onto it at precisely the same moment.

All hell broke loose. A strange feeling pulsed through both of them and the small sphere began to slowly crack, the sear cut across the diameter. From the crack, a ray of light with a bluish tint escaped. The feeling intensified and they both let go, almost unwillingly. The two were spread out on the ground, laying on their backs. An energy had been sucked out from them. Damian could feel power surging through him, in addition to the power he had felt before, right after colliding with the boy. Too much was going on here, his world was performing back flips all over the place, trying to find some explanation to it all. All of a sudden, a voice rang out in his thrashing head Hi! Don’t fear, you are meant to be here, I am not meant to be here. This voice felt like the one that had tormented his mind before, except it sounded friendly.

A small finger pricked his arm, causing Damian to realize he was still there. This wasn’t just a huge dream, it was real. Damian, bent his elbows and swung his back up. The fear surged into him at once in large quantities. Hemming them into the small base of the wrecked towers, were frightening creatures that looked angry. In the distance, a gigantic roar bellowed out, its sound horrible. Why? Why everything? Who am I? These questions barged into his head, as terrible as the hideous roar, and he believed these inquiries would never be answered.

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