Poofy Red Hair

I asked my cousin to play ms, I made a noob so we can train together and help him do things cos he’s new. I did the hair quest in Amoria then I got “bridget” as my hair, I don’t think it’s that bad but I want something else. I know it’s wasting nx but I bought an exp coupon.

First try – Lori – not bad but I look bald with the hat on so I bought another one.

Second try – Paula – I like it but some girls in Henesys asked me if I have a gf so I guess I look like a dude.

*buys another one*

Third try – Lori (AGAIN!)

Last ticket, hoping it would be good or anything decent. I got a Stella. So cute. NOT!


I don’t really care about pixels so I’m fine with that hair, I’ll change it but I’m definately getting a vip.

After getting a bit pissed off with my hair and the nx wasted, I’ve decided to train. I’m training in a hidden street and nobody goes in there that much. After a while, a wizard and an archer came in. There are 2 platforms and I’m taking the bottom. They started ksing me.

Me: Can you please stop ksing me, you guys can take the top platform you know.
Archer: No, ks her (telling the wizard)
*wizard spams his weak lightning*
Me: You guys sure you don’t want to stop?
Archer: Yes

I logged off then logged in my mage back. I went to the map and started spamming ice strike.

Wizard: Cool skill!!!!!!!!!!! (f2)
Archer: Wow!

I’ve never ksed someone so its my first time to do this (lol) cos I got annoyed and they were telling me also that my hair is ugly.

Archer: Please don’t ks
Me: Why would I? You guys never stopped when I asked you to earlier.
Wizard: That you?
Me: Yea

They told me they ksed me cos of my hair. The archer asked his wizard friend to defame me. I think they’re really stupid, so they’re on my ****list now LOL. The wizard logged off after defaming me but the archer stayed on, I logged in 7 accounts and defamed him til he decided to log off.

10 thoughts on “Poofy Red Hair”

  1. Someone started KSing me and when I told him to stop, he said “Party” And I said no, because I wanted to level. So he KSed me even more. O.o When I leveled and left the map, he stalked meh D: He stalked me evveeerryyyywhhhheeerrree T_T

  2. That’s why you should join a private server! Noobs are too stupid to figure out how to connect.

  3. If I were you , I would have bought a VIP straight .

    It happened to me once :X And I regreted it -.-

  4. Rofl, and that’s why, kids, you should buy VIP coupons ^^

    I’m in a p server and I still say Caspia ftw

    -looks at the Stella hairstyle-

    . . .

    . . .In the most gentle and polite way possible, that is a fugly hairstyle.

  5. My friend once quit MS because she had the Stella hairstyle. . .
    If you wear a bandanna with it you can look like a pirate
    I remember telling her that ^^

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