It wasn’t a rock…

Kso, I basically have the worst scrolling luck ever.

I hit level 50 today, and upon realizing that I couldn’t even afford a 1 attack PAC, I decided to buy a few cape LUK scrolls to scroll the green napoleon I’d gotten from LPQ. 30%s were the cheapest. Sooo I bought a bunch of those.

Then I saw someone selling a 3 LUK, 4 slot napoleon. Bought it. That’s half the job done, right? Me being an idiot as usual, I figured I couldn’t blow it up since I’d already blown up three saunas and a pair of snowshoes in a row yesterday. I mean, my luck couldn’t possibly get any worse… right?

So I went to FM 13, channel 13. My usual scrolling spot. Stood right in the middle of the first platform. Counted to 13 thirteen times. Counted backwards from 13 thirteen times. Took thirteen steps to the left. Thirteen steps to the right. Another thirteen steps to the left. Spelled out the word “thirteen” 13 t- alright, I’ll skip the pre-scrolling ritual. >_>
I dragged a scroll onto the cape and closed my eyes.

Crud, accidentally dropped it.

I dragged a scroll onto the cape, and –

“hay, whar mi cape go? D<“

I spammed random letters in buddy chat until I realized nobody was on. Even more frustrated by the fact that I had no one to vent my frustration to, I hastily used the last four scrolls on my clean napoleon.

Not a single one worked.
Well… at least it didn’t blow up, right? Right.

So that’s nine scrolls used in two days, none of which worked, and five items blown up. Can anyone top that?

PS: mesos plz

8 thoughts on “It wasn’t a rock…”

  1. LOL awww poor you.

    Edit: Omg, I just realized I said the same thing as someone else above 0_o

  2. . . .it was a rock lobster!
    I didnt read the blog, I just had to complete the B-52’s line.

  3. , :[

    Ouch. I’ve had your share of bad luck. But, You got me curious about that “scrolling ritual” now. I’mma try that next time.

    I blew up an 8 ATK 2 Slot (YES. 2 SLOT) With a 70% before. Yeah. Apparently I thought, “Hey, 10% is better then nothing!”

    Poof. No more shiny WG. .

    Good luck in the future though?

  4. NobodyNight said: “. . .it was a rock lobster!
    I didnt read the blog, I just had to complete the B-52’s line.”

    I don’t blame you, haha. It’s an awesome song.

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