I hack?

Hah! I tricked you all into coming into my blog. I don’t hack, and I never will.


(If you’re looking from the frontpage, know that there is a header text above this line)

Hah, got ya again.

Oh and one more thing.

*slaps you off of your chair*

Now, read my epic blog.

One more thing.

WARNING. THERE ARE 19 SCREENSHOTS IN THIS BLOG. *Writes down achievement in record book*

Well, I finally return to Maplestory. When I first logged on onto Khaini, no one was online.

They all deleted me.


But yeah. I deleted them.


I felt all lonely in Khaini.

[/Journey – Don’t Stop Believing]



I joined Windia.

And guess what guys?

I created a character named…




So anyway, I talked to Dee when I created my character, she somehow persuaded me to join. I guess because I felt a bit angry for her saying “WINDIA = WIN! Haha u nub” and I wanted to get back at her. So, I managed to force her into funding me 500k. I spent about 200k of it. Traveling.

I r adventurous.


Before that happened, I was still a narb inside Maple Island. I messaged Applebomb/Djien to invite me to her pwnful guild. When I joined…

only three people were on.

I only happened to see 4 people the max online over the past three days on Windia Mapleage.

Eh. Whatever. And now, a screenshot of my first day in Windia! Click here or die

Super Special Awesome!

So yeah. during my one year disappearance from MS, Nexon managed to add a hella lot of quests on Maple Island. And most of them involve Pigs. Stumps. Slimes. YOUR MOM OLOLOLOLO.

And most of the time, I die. Like this for example.

A Super Special Awesome death, yes?

Well, I wanted to make this character a Cleric, like a better version of my Khaini cleric, EXPBoost.

So yeah.

A couple deaths here, a couple noobs there, not much.

And now…

My last moment on Maple Island.

Boohoo D:



Now I r in Victoria.

Do you know what I noticed?

An NPC mistook Mai (the NPC in Maple Island who is that warrior girl thing and gives you quests to fight Orange Mushrooms) as a guy.

My memory did a recall a sort of bulge In Mai’s crotch area. And she was flat…




When I went to get my job advancement, Grendel asked if I needed “help” being a beginning mage and all that jazz.

New quest?!


Although the quest came out a way long time ago (maybe a couple months?), I still did the quest.

You know, where you have to go to Leafre?

And then all newb people will get stuck there since they don’t know how to use the Magic seed. And if you didn’t know, there’s this huge green/brown portal two maps/portals to the left of Leafre.


Luckily, I wandered around Google, and found the answer. I ain’t no noob!

The seed sends you back to Ellinia. Ellinia >>> Leafre. Leafre >>> Ellinia.


Oh yeah, I forgot. While on the boat to Orbis (that lead to Leafre so I could do the quest) I managed to escape off of the Orbis boat and onto the Rog ship!

Bow Chicka Wow Wow

Moving on.

Well, I decided to have some fun.

You know, my name is PubicHairFTW.

CH 1?


You betcha, Johnny Lee Jones III.

Wait, what?


And while on Ch 1, I managed to make some new buddies.

Oh and, I managed to give a Hog (you know those things that level 70/120 ride on?) AIDs. Yep.

He told me it burns when he pees.

Lol o.O

Oh and.

After that.

I found out the pig likes to sniff arses.

Like this! Be amazed!

I’m a pr0n star!






Well, since all of the new maps that were put on Global over the year, I decided to explore.

And they added those hideous big television screens to every single frickin’ map.


They make me look ugly!

I mean, the maps.

Hey, that reminds me. Have you guys heard the news of the lady sitting on the pooper for so long (two years) that her skin managed to grow on the seat.

I literally puked and LMAOed when I read it.

Oh yeah.

I just had a taco.

Here are some screenies of my map exploring adventures.



So yep. Nice eh?

And I managed to level to 17 in three days. HORRIBLE.

Level 15.

Level 17

Oh and, I gots teh perfect dice roll.

Oh snap!


Wee for stretching pages.


I decided to go back to Khaini to PQ and visit.

Any of you people remember Vicelin?

Yeah, I met up with her again.


And, I joined a new guild full of mages. Clerics, Ice/Lightning. And there’s only one Fizard! Woo!


This blog is still short as hell!


Now, on to other things.

On Friday (3/14/08), it was Pi Day! Unfortunately, I didn’t eat pie.

And our school invited a local rock/metal band to play.

At the end, the members left stage to greet the students.

And then, this kid ran up to the drummer and stole his drumsticks.

I literally LOLed when I saw that.

And if you wondered what band they were, here is their MySpace profile Steel Tears.

Andandand, lookit my awesome desktop wallpaper on my super new computer which doesn’t lag on MS even during those avatar megaphones!

*Faints* in a good way.

Well, that ends this blog.

When I made this, the blog looks long.

But when I submit it, I bet it’s gonna look short.

Like my peni-Uhhhh…

KTHANKSBAI *runs away*

EDIT: Damnit! It’s long.

Like a huge pencil…

Woah! What’s wrong with me?!

*slaps self unconscious*

Myself said: “Hah! I tricked you all into coming into my blog. I don’t hack, and I never will.”

Ewww. Coming. COMING.

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  1. Sorry buddy I’ll get on more if I get a chance but it’s still kinda midterm time and I still kinda have no internet and I still kinda get really annoyed with people on maple.

  2. LOL I heard about that toy-lut lady and i just didnt get why they never just broke the thing from under her when she first got stuck.


  3. @ipod123432: Yeah I do.

    @Applebomb: Just now, a dude called me an asshole for him not having pubes o.O

  4. Say, maybe I should create a character in Windia too. I shall call it . . . ChestHairFTW!

  5. Ah, I missed you, Dest ol’ buddy. I’ll log onto Khaini just to add you again and stalk you.

  6. lol, that was a background I was once considering
    Did you go to my bg forum?

    Sweet, it must be awesome to be playing maple after so long!
    Nice blog and I like how you put messages in your pics!

    ~LaZzz. . .

  7. Yah I did Lazy. I remembered that the wallpaper place had excellent wallpaper, so I decided to go back there and nab that one

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