“Go drink a bottle of yourself.”

Sooo, this is my first blog on MMOTales. Neato. I found out about this place a few minutes ago, started reading through some stuff, figured I’d join, and here I am – writing my very own blog! 😮 So yeah.

Anyway, I’ll start by talking about my new archer. I created it today, and it’s currently level 11. Not sure whether I’ll make it a bowman or crossbowman, so feel free to attempt to convince me which to choose, haha.

Now, I’ve tried just about every class there is. I’ve had numerous clerics (one of which became a priest), a bunch of sins, a couple of bandits, a few warriors (including a level 6x spearman and a 1x HP warrior which I later abandoned), a wizard or two, and a handful of permabeginners.
Notice how there’s no bowmen or crossbowmen on that list. I mean, who wants to be an archer? They’re slow and do crappy damage and have ugly equips!

Well, that’s what I thought until a few days ago.
I was on my level 4x dexless sin, trying to find an empty channel at STDs (STDs.. still makes me giggle). After what seemed like hours of channel surfing, and having hermits yell “CC PLZ” at me from across the map before I’d even hit the ground – eureka! Empty channel. So I turned on haste and started killing.

It hadn’t even been a minute before I saw a red dot appear on the left side of the mini map, followed by the sound of monsters being killed. Crap. So I walked over.

It was a bowman of some sort – that was all I could tell, since he was all decked out in NX. So I typed in what I thought was a fairly polite, “Would you mind changing channels?” and hit enter. He told me he had just gone out to repot.
Before I could respond, there was some flashy yellow thing, a bunch of crazy damage, and all the monsters on the screen were gone, their etc drops and wads of cash in their place.

I just changed channels. >_>

Then I was like, “hey, wait… that was a bowman, wasn’t it? Like, one of those people who shoots arrows and stuff? The same kind I used to KS at Sakuras? The people nobody ever picks for Ludi PQs?” So I looked at a few videos, and figured, “eh, what the heck, my dexless is getting boring…”
And thus, Luxxe the archer-to-be was born. :]

I get bored with my characters ridiculously easily, though, so don’t expect this one to go beyond level 15 or so. But I’ve never had an archer before, so it should be a fun experience regardless.

And now I’m running out of things to write, so yeah. Hope I didn’t bore you guys to death! Haha.
Adios, amigos. xo

PS: If you know where the quote in my title is from, I love you.

22 thoughts on ““Go drink a bottle of yourself.””

  1. Nice blog. Archer first job=BORING! 2nd job=okay. . . 3rd job=good. 4th job=PWNAGE!@$!$ONEoNethirteen1953

  2. Thanks! :]
    Yep, haha. SoA is wicked.
    Maybe I’ll actually get to 4th job. Who knows? 😮

  3. Wow. A First timer who acually writes a blog i enjoyed reading. Kudos to you.
    And i never played anything except magician. Call me closed minded.
    But I hope you have fun on your archer! Sounds like it will be a good experience


  4. That’s how I was – all I’d ever played were mages, until I realized that other classes existed. x]
    And thank you!

  5. Oh ya, welcome and BROANS FTW!

    . . .

    *recommends xbowman*

    ~*insert sig here*

  6. MikuniZer0 said: “You have a mad crazy amount of characters.

    And welcome to MMOT! x]”

    Seriously! If I’d just stuck to one character, I’d be fourth job by now.
    And thank you. :]]

  7. darn. . .Broa. . .
    Could you pwetty pwetty PWETTY please change servers and mind giving me that little sauna. . .some stars. . .shoes. . .heck all your stuff?
    : D
    And welcome to MMOT, please stay longer if all your blogs are as good or better then this
    : D

  8. Come on lets hit it hard, and leave a mark, and leave you~

    lol wut?

    Sorry i’m like listening to music.

    Welcome to MMOTales. I enjoyed your blog :].

  9. MeepsterXP said: “Come on lets hit it hard, and leave a mark, and leave you~

    lol wut?

    Sorry i’m like listening to music.

    Welcome to MMOTales. I enjoyed your blog :].”

    Glad you liked it, and thanks. <3

  10. Awesome blog

    Welcome to MMOTales.

    Oh and, pick a bowman.

    I had one before until I realized I screwed up the stats when I was newb. I then switched over to a cleric, which is oddly fun. You feel needed too.

  11. Welcome to MMOT. Great first blog. I lol’d at the title and the SS.

    Pick bowman! They’re sexy. :]

  12. Rangers are Sexeh <3
    Therefore, pick bowman. ^_^ We’ll love to have a pwnsome recruit like you~

    And I have a crazy amount of charries too. Most of them are for purposes of taking over th- I mean, storage. Yeah. *smile*

  13. Welcome to MMOTales! And, BERA FTW. BROA IS NOT AS OLDD~~~

    I’ve been playing Bera since the beginning. I decided to jump from Scania to Bera when it was made with Ganzicus,

    But that means no Mark of the Beta to show off. =/

  14. Thanks, guys! :]
    Oh and sorry, but BROA > ALL. It’s the only server I play, and have ever played – and with good reason. So nyahhh.

    Also, after much pondering, I’ve decided to go with bowman. I couldn’t resist the sexiness.

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