Leeched in Mas Dungeon

I leveled up from 18-22 last night. I was in a pretty good party, and that helped alot. There was a leecher though, and he made things difficult because he was always calling out to be healed. Alot os the montsers in the Mas Dungeon are aggrovated and he was getting pummeled.

The party consisted of myself(a level 22 Mercenary)A level 24 merenary an assist(level 24) and the leecher a level 17 acrobat.

The mercenary and I were doing all of the work killing wise, but the Assist really did her part when it came to healing and buffing us.

As I mentioned before the leecher was attracting alot of aggrovated monsters towards himself and was in grave danger most of the time. Luckily for him, I was sticking by him and killing off most of his followers.Until I was fighting on my own and he died.

A friend of his had brought him the the Mine and he had no idea how to get back. He ressurected himslef back in Flaris and left the party.

We all took a break and sat down near the entrance and talked for a bit. The Assist said”Good riddens, it’s a good thing I didn’t res him back to life”.

That made me laugh for a while, until it was time to get serious again.

I’m starting to understand why parties are so important in FlyFF

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    ok. Yes, parties are awesome. But why didn’t you kik the leecher?

  2. FlyFF parties are teh <3. :X

    And yeah, there are always these leechers in the party, fooling around and attracting monsters and looting the good stuff, I remember. >_<

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