A Job Left Unfinished


Bad news MMO Talers.

This blog…

Is a Bad experience!!

Anyways, I feel pretty bad as of now. I’m Mapling, but I’m rapidly losing motivation. I don’t want to leave, because I can’t bear leaving a job unfinished, but it seems as if I just can’t grind or PQ anymore! It’s really distressing. How did you guys overcome it without quitting?

I think I’m lost…

Really lost…

No I did NOT get lost in the empty hallway from the door to the computer…


Oh, found it!

Anyways, I think I’m still lost.

Not the regular lost, but the L.O.S.T. lost.

I’m talking about the…acronym. Like radar. You know:


Now Lost stands for:


And T-Poker=my way of saying Texas Hold’ Em Poker.
No, it’s not an acronym you idiots…


A complaint?

Sorry, no complaints are permitted in the blog, unless it’s a complaint that I don’t have enough ‘like-its’.

And no going into murderous rages either.

No revolvers allowed in the blog please!

Put that gun away from my head!

You wouldn’t dare…

Ehehehe…folks, we’re going for a short intermission while I deal with this fella.

Now I’m sure we can reason, right?

*crack* *bfang*

[/ghost speak]

Sucker, I have ghost speak!

And I brought a little something too.

Say hello to my Remington Model 870. Courtesy of Remington Arms Co.

*blast soul to oblivion*

And we’re back folks! Ignore that little mess over there, my shotgun doesn’t make him insane.

I hope.

Okay, enough of this. Onto the REAL BLOG NAO!!!

This was my blog title, so I gotta start with it. Anyways…
Why is this word abused so much on MMOT?
Did you guys like, make a grudge against it?
I really see it often. Naz’s LOST, Rice’s Tales of a Lost World, this blog Lost?, and others.
Why do you abuse this word so much?
Unless it did something really damning, that’s a different story.
But a innocent word can’t do that.

Don’t answer that question.

Now I guess I’ll move on…
After making a random link to a video!
Watch it?
You know you want too…
You also know you want to like this blog…
For all who don’t, I’ll move onto the next part:

Yep, it’s Maple. Again. It wouldn’t be complete without it.
I have acquired many things in Maple. One is a 23 att Meba, which I used to preform a Bandit-Flash-Punch! Yeah, that claw uses hax. But the hax looks cool, so it’s okay.
Oh yeah, as for the Guild Hacker Issue, Nexon fixed it! Hurray, they did something good! Now maybe they can ban all those abusive evil corrupted glitchers! SCREW THEM I SAY!!!
Yes, I hate glitchers. If you’re a glitcher, you need to be ashamed of yourself!
Oh yeah, I died today. There goes a week’s worth of exp…
I blame Linkin Park. Their awesome music distracted me!
But back to the Guild Hack. I’m BACK IN A GUILD W00T!!!
Bad news is, the name sounds weird.
Good news is that it has the same leader and stronger peeps due to a lot of people being guildless.
We should form a guild called Guildless. Would work out…oh wait, there already is one in Broa. Nvm.

Man, that word is hard to spell. Anyways, in Miscellaneous news, I found out a bunch of Legos left over. I also found a report card with straight A’s. Ah, the good days…before Maple came in. To add to my woes, my parents are getting even more strict about school and time, and my Internet seems to be randomly failing me. Also, Night lost my KLON interview papers. And my mood is basically like this song:

My life is as dull as a pancake, so that’s why I haven’t blogged in a while guys. And by a while, I mean 9 days. Also, 15th blog yay! Also, if this blog gets 9 likes, I shall have a 8:1 Like it:Blog Ratio! Cmon guys! Please? Oh come on, how can you expect me to write a good blog with a Vista and a power supply that looks as if it’ll run out in a minute?

Aw crud.

~Pod: Signing off

5 thoughts on “A Job Left Unfinished”

  1. Lol, dude our blog count and like counts are so close!
    Although I have 3 more blogs! Mwuhaha!
    I have the same ratio though!

    ~LaZzz. . .

  2. Lost isn’t an abused word. Infact, it’s a very well respected word, as AznRiceFan and I both love to use it.

    -=The Nazgul=-

  3. o.o
    ok im lost >.>

    -koff, that was a pun, koff-
    im bad with wordz o.o -sigh- my grammar T_T
    well, my imagination is as sharp as a rock >.>
    smexy bandit
    =jhk= guess my name for candy o.o

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