In those 19 levels

Because the people from my other uber-mini-ish blog tied me to a chair and forced me, I’ll write a longer uber-mini-ish blog.

Training – I got to level 70 at FoG pretty quickly thanks to Kograsumaru guild and their awesome priest. From level 70-76, I trained on Retz, Red Drakes, Mushmom (yes, I actually trained on Mushmom), skeledogs, FoG, Gryphons, Wolf Spiders (died too many times), Death Teddies, Grays, and I even trained at HHG1 for 20%. Training is still a biznit. I kinda gave up at level 76 and GQed with ArtofWar who thought I didn’t participate enough in the 13/16 GQs I did with them so they dumped me. I trained alone and somehow pulled off level 77 at which time I joined MsRaiders and did quite a few GQs with them. A good scroll every once in a while, and then Leafre came out. I fell in love with Red Kents with their long and forceful serpent…….’s tongue and trained there until now (level 79).

People – MS players are still the same. You have the occasional idiot who follows you and calls you ||0013 and will die in the process. The lost player who needs help doing something but is left for dead since people are lazy (I’m one of those lazy people sometimes). I did notice that there are more ‘good’ players nowadays and less ‘OMG U NUB JAJAJA BAKA IDIOT’ type of people. Basically, the MS community is getting more mature.

Drops – SUCK!

Real Life (get your pen and paper ready for my SSN) – I’m 18, student, moved recently. Played Violin for 2 years, Piano for 9. Working at Pump It Up, watching that underage booty jump up and down on the bouncers…[drools] lol j/k. Seriously, it’s a great place to work with starting pay being 7 + tips (which will equal about 11-12 dollars and hour on average). And if you are in the facebook group: I worked at Pump It Up, I’m Kenny and the thoughts I post on the group aren’t genuine. I ain’t not pedo =). On another note, I love to play the game Pump It Up by AndaMiro entertainment (DDR but diagonal w/ a center step). Guitar Hero 3 for the Wii has taken my body over since I got it. Add me! : 0301 8831 2385 Expert/Battle/Co-Op/Pro Face-off. Until Super Smash Brawl comes out, I’ll be playing GH3/MS and studying. I watched the Super Bowl yesterday. Exciting stuff especially with the change in lead 3 times if I remember correctly. Can’t wait for new years on wednesday so I can get me some money for wishing good fortune and prosperity to all the elder-folk.

Happy early New Year’s everyone!

7 thoughts on “In those 19 levels”

  1. Boooo Super Bowl stupid Brady, can’t get over him.

    On the side note happy early new year, I get school off (yay!) for 2 days because of it. Man, I love being in a school where 60% of the students are Asian, makes the principal acknowledge Chinese holidays.

  2. kevinkeny3 said: “Basically, the MS community is getting more mature.”

    I wish that were so.

    Just kidding. I’m pretty sure you meant the complete opposite. Anyway, just ignore them. I’ve dealt with those kids plenty of times.

  3. I don’t deal with kids that much anymore.

    I repel them with my aura of super-awesome maturity.

    Grats on all that lvling. You FREAK.

  4. Ganache said: “I don’t deal with kids that much anymore.

    I repel them with my aura of super-awesome maturity.

    Grats on all that lvling. You FREAK.”

    It was 6 months ago since I was level 60 o.o
    If 19 levels in 6 months is fast, I’d hate to know what ‘slow leveling’ is for you.

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