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Changed da title. . . sounds alot betta

Hey, I just started MMOing again because it’s summer. I still play Dragon Raja, but I also started something new. Talisman Online

In Dragon Raja I am a very skilled priest lol. I do alot of damage for a low leveled priest. I made the ultimate build for a priest lol. I’m level 29 and 11 in Dragon Raja and I pked like 50 people and got owned by like 70 guards .

Talisman Online is like World of Warcraft except worse graphics. Not by far though. I just started today.

I did SOME MMOing [very little] over the school year. Such as:

Phoenix Dynasty
Dark Eden
and ummm…
Terra World Online.

Phoenix Dynasty is really awesome! Great graphics and alot of players. Very nice community.

Dark Eden. . . Was teh sux0rz.

and Terra World Online was just something to keep me occupied for a little.

Audition was pretty cool. I was a level 3 something.

Talisman Gameplay link – Monk Class

Well, I really can’t think of much to say. . . short blog. . . Sorry!


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  1. WOW i was actually gonna ask where u went off to in my next -real- blog xO

    so plannnin to stay?


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