God, its hard to train without priest

I logged on today (again -.-) and was like 65%. I just returned to Broa from Mardia (YayyyyyyYYy!1tehbig11!!)

I had just transfered back to Broa, having left there a month earlier for Mardia, so I only had 1mill.

I went to WS for money, since I had a 2x drop card, and I found Illbis there the day before (joygasm, was my first ever set!) and I was getting (on 2x exp) 0.02 to 0.03 per WS. This was like “Ehhh .____.”

I gained about 1.5mill and then headed off to Ludi to help a freind on the Taichon/Powder quest.

I then went to Duals for the remaining 8%, and with double EXP took me like, 25 minutes! I finally leveled though ^_^ (See pic #1)

Himes is far better, but I need a priest as I can’t afford to Solo, and the % per hour is much better as well, pushing almost 60% per hour with a priest. Luckily I’m heading there later today (as long as I get up by 7pm >_&gt with a freind so I’m aiming to level again today but, g’jesus! I’m not a DK. I made a sader to not have to rely on a priest for training! D:<

A place simular to Fog, but with some other sort of monster for non ranged classes would be lovely. Say, 15k HP, 1250Exp, not too dis-simular to Gobies but you don’t have to break the houses then

Then kibblyhoe, as I like to call him pointed out a problem with a certain act of self-pleasure. (see pic #2)

All in all, a great day to be back in my home server – Broa Pride ^,^

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