So anways, I downloaded “Soldier Front” from IJJI recently. It’s like a rip-off of Counter-Strike. (You have to repair your guns, cause apparently shooting them breaks them down completely piece by piece.) Also, you can only receive money, which in the game is known as “SP”, by leveling up. You’re rewarded with 10,000 sp with each level up, and you have to worry about repairing your gun more than buying new stuff.

Friend: u haf to sev ur sp so u ken reper ur ****! if u dont u kent pley

So I played Soldier Front for a while, ( I made FIVE new accounts ) because I wanted to try different weapons with each. And since you can’t have more than one character when you’re a trainee, I had no choice but to. So here’s the list of all my character names so far:

. iamTAE
. FlashSlash
. [M]Pierced
. [M]Baby (Active)
. -=Pierce=-

Oh, and grenades in that game are uberly strong. Apparently, they can kill you from more than 4 meters away. I chucked one randomly into the enemy’s base, and I ended up getting a double kill off of doing so. “noob” “fcuking noob” were the comments I got. ;-; Also, do you know what else sucks? When you’re playing a gun game, and you’re hiding behind a box, crouching, and ALL you see is a grenade land right next to you. You just eye it for a second, paralyzed, and you’re about to run away before it explodes in your face. >_>

After all that. . . I decided to try out Gunz again. I logged onto my account on IJJI, when I realized, my clan symbol was there! Horray! Excited, I logged onto Gunz. When I entered a match, I quickly pressed tab to see the beautiful icon there by my name. Oh I saw an icon all right, but it was so weirdly distorted and ugly looking that I couldn’t bear to look at it much longer. The skull I had drawn was a different shade of gray, and you couldn’t see one of the daggers into my skull’s head! w tf!11

I also tried out Clan Wars in Gunz. . It turns out you can quit a match without any consequences. People are quitting left and right because they don’t want their clan score to be lowered. IJJI really needs to fix that problem. . .>_> I tried it with a friend and when we were about to win they left right away. We eventually caught on, and we started to do the same. :B

Uhm, and on a side-note. There was this guy who was jacking all of my artwork, and taking credit for himself. He claimed HE was Tae Shin, and started to curse me off and played dumb when I told him I was the real deal. I don’t know who he is, but I saw him take credit for it on deviantART. The bastard blocked me, so I can’t find him right now. However, I believe in the philosophy of karma, so he’ll get what’s coming to him soon enough.

P.S: Hellboy’s coming out. . . Yess!


8 thoughts on “Rampage!”

  1. LordHobo said: “CS is a ripoff of SF. SF came out first.”

    @_@. . . Really?


  2. I HATE people who claim they’re someone else just to get credit for their work. If someone claimed my writing to be theirs, I would go apesh**.

    -=The Nazgul=-

  3. oh yay hellboy II is coming out actually.

    and yeah, it’s really annoying and irritating when someone takes credit for something they didn’t do.

  4. SF was a waste of my 14-year-old life. ><

    It became a sniper game. And back then, hacks enabled corpses to shoot people. ><

  5. BlackNazgul said: “I HATE people who claim they’re someone else just to get credit for their work. If someone claimed my writing to be theirs, I would go apesh**.

    -=The Nazgul=-“

    Naz’s writing is mine. lulz

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