By Zakum, it’s finally happened.

I dug this old site out of my bookmarks and came straight back here when I heard the news, to sound the death tolls on MapleStory once and for all. From Nexon’s latest news post;

** Bronze Sack of Mesos(1million mesos) will be sold at Cash Shop for 2 weeks! (6/19 ~ 7/2) We will be testing out how it is affecting in-game economy and gather user feedbacks. Please feel free to give us feedback!!

Nexon in their ever expanding greed has finally done it, finally legalized buying of mesos. I know the change isn’t permanent yet, but we all can see where this is going. Nexon keeps the Bronze Sack for however much money they make off it, all the non-Cash users jump ship (like 90% of MS’s fan base), and the servers die. When it all hits the fan, just remember I called it.

8 thoughts on “By Zakum, it’s finally happened.”

  1. Nexon is making every hacking thing legal. Like a meso vac is now the pet thing and auto pot is the pet thing also. Hmm DxWnd sorta is a hacking tool so they had to put in a choice for “windowed mode” or full screen. Their slogan should be “Because we can and we bought NX using our mom’s credit cards!”.
    Just making a point you know,

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