”Que? Que?”

BLOG 16: “Que? Que?”

Spanish Translation 101: Que = What

I thought I just might get that part out of the way when I’m explaining everything. WELL, as you can see, the title I put for my blog is “Que? Que?”. For those of you who do not take Spanish as part of their language studies, the spanish word “que” means “what”. So the translation would be, “What? What?”

I was on the last stage for Kerning Party Quest, when we were all fighting King Slime. When it died, my friend asked how much of the EXP we got for killing King Slime. I said like, one hundred something, and my friend and another member said the same. However, the fourth member, whose name went by something like, “xavierx120723” , said something within the two hundreds. THEN, instead of saying “What, what?” in the sense of “What now, boyyy?” he applied the phrase into Spanish, also known as:

Que? Que?

The kid was speaking Spanglish most of the time. He would say, “Yo no understand”, or “You is stupido.” It was obvious the boy was a pro wannabe, because he would say, “Uno, tres, tres, siete” during the whole PQ. To the dim lightbulbs out there reading this, it spells (or should I say numbers) out 1337.

I brought the term to my friends today, when we were at the field, and told them about my experiences with the Mexican kid while I was on MapleStory. We got hooked on saying it so much that whenever one of us scored a basket, we would just Que Que the other. We would also say it if one of us stuffed the other, but then we would practically just scream QUE QUE into their face, zapping the left-over pride of the victim who got stuffed.

01: Mastered how to insta in Gunz: the Duel.
02: Que qued my friend after I stuffed him.
03: Defeated my friend in Halo 3, using only Assault Rifles.

Oh my god, all my NX items are about to expire on March 3rd. I don’t want my items to go. . . . . . Wait, perhaps I could hack Nexon’s mainframe, and convert the expiration date from 3/03/08 to 3/03/99? Heh, there’s a chance that it could happ-No it can’t.

I am starting to regret putting my left over SP from level 27-30 to Double Stab, instead of Disorder or Dark Sight. I never use Double Stab, and I find myself getting into a lot of trouble with the monsters down (or should I say up) town. Perhaps I shall buy some Skill Point resets when I get myself more NX prepaid cash cards. . .

Short blog today, but Spade can’t always come out with long epic novel-like blogs. . .


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