Ow. My pride.

Ow. My pride.

Well, I managed to get to level 13, at the expense of a large portion of my free time I rarely get these days. >_> Also, Guosim and I created a clan, (called LastResort), and so far there are only 4 people in it. However, we’re all pros so don’t worry your pretty little head about trying to take advantage of us. Reve and Zhlink, if you play IJJI Gunz, contact me or Guosim in Quest Server 3. On another side note, I’ve been working on the clan’s link/ijji-lastresort]website[/url], and it’s going good so far. Any kind of criticism would be nice.

The first picture I have is the icon I’ve submitted to Gunz as my request for that to be our clan insignia. No reply so far, and it has already been 48 hours already, which was the maximum amount of time they said they would take for a decision. Anyways, the little icon thingy took me approximately 20-30 minutes, seeing I had to play with it for a while to get it right. At first I put a dagger straight through the head from the top, then I put 1 sideways, found out it looked horrible, and put another one in the other way. I’m happy with the way it turned out.

Anyways, I played Guosim at Gunz. It turns out he uses D-style, and he’s really good at it, but it’s how he plays that annoys me. He tells me that he doesn’t know how to fight a Double Butterflier and another D-styler. . . *clones two copies of Guosim and whips one into training Double butterfly* So anyways, he’s a higher level than me, and his shotguns are like the bullets of the devil, so I have to do my best to steer away from him whenever he’s reload shotting. We were fighting once, and I was trying to get him to follow me, so I went into my base and started to type in, “hehehahahahahhah rofl!11one u r nub c0meee get mee lozllll” but he came in mid sentence and shot me in my head. After starring into the computer screen for 5 seconds straight, I erased what I wrote. I remember saying outloud in my room, “Ow. My pride.” >_>

Anyways, I read one of Reve’s most recent blogs, and I heard her mention that noobs were better than pros, and that professionals cave in whenever they get sprayed at or something. I was angered, and I desperately wanna play her 1 on 1. And if she does beat me by spraying or whatever, I’ll cry and rip up a paper with all my happy victories written on it. YEAH. IT’S THAT BAD, REVE.

On a side note, I played some Euro Gunz. I played in this map called “Oblivion”, and there are poles that are placed in the middle of thin air horizontally. You have to jump from pole to pole, and make sure you don’t fall to your death. Every one that plays in that map automatically switches to their sword and starts to spam the insta button right away. >_> Either that, or you just rocket launch people at their feet and they bounce right off the poles. There is a LOT of cursing/swearing/flaming in those rooms, so yeah. I’ve learned 1 new bad word. *adds it to my cursetionary*

I played some Maple yesterday, and I got from level 51 to 52. Lmpq is the shiet, and I’ve got a friend who’s practically god at being the leader, so that’s a bonus for me I guess. I walked into the Ludibrium hair salon to see what kind of hair-styles they had, and I found a guy (Pic#2) there. LOL@HIM


11 thoughts on “Ow. My pride.”

  1. Reve is right

    I mean , I’m not really good at playing . But there was once where I just owned everyone by spraying . Of course I sucided after my bullets ran out it was really a very very lucky streak .

  2. Heh. Reve is actually correct. When pros get pissed, they all start losing it and go weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

    That’s when I spray smartly.

  3. I got owned by Reve’s spray I think =D

    Maxwell30 + Maxwell44(3?) FTW in Stairway DD

    I always get kicked from games though T.T (Dagger nub, lunge nub, nade nub, spray nub, shotty nub, med nub, lucky nub, h4x nub, lag nub, etc. . .)

  4. Zhlink said: “I seriously wanna play with you guys!
    Oooooooo, but I frickin’ can’t!

    that’s what she said

  5. Ganzicus said: “

    Zhlink said: “I seriously wanna play with you guys!
    Oooooooo, but I frickin’ can’t!

    that’s what she said”

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