Back 2 Black

Hiya MMOnians?

I have nooo idea!
Anyways, sooo I doubt anyone remembers me because I’m like an extra in a movie. =P

But I am back-ish, All the Hermit Dreams were torn up and shredded then puzzle pieced back together to become the best!

If anyone remembers Sunkai was Level 82 last time He was seen but due to recent “stuff” I have remade him!



and now I am Pr0[N]ubbin! That’s my word to your mother!

Yep I am now a No Dex KSing Machine known as the Dexless (I just said that twice)!!



as my really weird owl said. “Ya Rly!” So besides the fact that it’s really not that hard to level, it still is VERY and when I say very I mean very BORING!!! But I’ll still do it, to finish my… Maplestory. (eww feels so weird saying that)

So yeah, on more Recent events.
I got engaged~ Wooo! Yes in Real Life :]

in Maple related News! I’ve been trying to Buy a Zhelm and all I need is a little over..



But… [url=

]Yesh I know just.. Click[/url] to be a Pwnz0ring KSing machine. Only in Self Defense ofcourse.. and Anger and Helping Friends. And.. O_O yeah just ksing in general..

I’m level 44 right now but I should be level 70 soon after I receive my Zhelm. -Plays Zelda Music-

Oh yes and My bandit YourDork is lvl 55 which I completely forgot about =P
Yeah He’s cool too.. Not much stories on Him though! Gotta train my Sin to a Hermit to defend my Bandit from being KSed~

I guess that was my News Talk to yall l8rs ;]


5 thoughts on “Back 2 Black”

  1. God, I thought the gopher was some kind of mutated chipmunk. ._.;

    Lack of observation skills ftw?

    I remember you.


    I had a hermit in EMS, but due to lack of FLASHEH OMGOMGOMG FLASHEH SKILLZ, I quit.

    I mean, even DKs have flashy skills. AND BOWPEOPLE. D:

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