MapleStory: iscrewbabies

I wonder if any of the people who used to post are still here and even remember me. Px

I’ve been casually playing MapleStory for the past 4 months or so; a level 58 bandit as of now. ^___^
And here, I’ll just post what I’ve evaluated from a Bandit’s perspective of everything so far from my transition from a 9x hermit to a 1x~5x bandit.

As a hermit, you.. really don’t worry about getting KS’d at ALL honestly. In my whole hermit career, I’ve only lost ONE map due to lag and then I forgot the ch. And I never really called for help in other cases where I did KS. Plus, once Drain is maxed, HP pots aren’t really that much of a worry when you’re at FoG, or Zombies, or STDs, until you move to wherever the cool kids train nowadays. (I haven’t been a hermit since July of ’07.)

First jobs for Bandits aren’t really that bad, I chose to quest constantly to help me level up instead of training since it really is a bore. Most popular areas like Pig Beach and Ant Tunnel are dominated by 2EXP’ing mages and sins and you really are forced to CC reguardless of who being there first.

Pots are expensive as well, I ate so many pots, I never thought a 2x could use so many pots. D:

Second job is a little bit more fun after the little drag to 40. Px I chose to train at Retz from 35~48ish before moving to STDs. Retz are pretty horrible when you get a KSer since it’s most likely a I/L mage who can attack more than one, where as you’re just a bandit.. with no Haste.. and killing one by one. :C
At STDs, it’s really not that bad as people depict it. I’ve found as long as I ask (even if it’s several times..) nicely and politely, they will CC and if they don’t, persistence usually wears them out. ^_^

Once I hit level 51, I chose to LMPQ to level. And as of level 55, I’ve gotten quite good at clicking in – I can get in almost 90% of the time. ^___^ It is so much better than training. I no longer have to deal with idiots since I’m always leading so I can just get rid of those who irritate me and no eye-gouging times when you want to repot and no one will hold your map. >;O

So yup, I definetly hope it’s better from here on out.
I think it’s great that NEXON decided to implement new PQs and ways to level into the game,
which is pretty much a kick in the ass for long-time players.
(With them having to monster-train to 3rd job and whatnot. XD)

Until next time!

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  1. MikuniZer0 said: “I remember you too. It’s like, way back old-time.”

    ugh i had a post and got a 404 (lost my whole post)


    welcome back

  2. I remember you too!
    Good luck with the bandit, sounds like its hard work, but you seem to be having fun with it.


  3. Straw Test Dummies. Gawd, I told you Nexon was evil! Now they’re perverted too! >=O I need to write that down somewhere so I can make something of it,

  4. Welcome back!
    I missed your blogs =(
    Still saw you wondering on Basil a few times though =O

  5. islapbabies said: “^_^ Yayyy, thank you. ;O

    I’ll try to post more bloggies.

    Friggin, I remember you! I met you at Henesys, you wouldn’t let me do something. I forgot what it was. But yeah, I CLEARLY REMEMBER YOU. Make babies with me please <3.

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