I had to get that outta my system…

Now onto teh blog!

But first, scroll down until you see the ‘I liked it’ button. Then press it. Afterwich, press the down button 7 times, and you shall arrive at my blog!!!


Now what is that warning sign for? Well, there is a rabid MMORPGer on the loose (meaning me). And by rabid, I mean somebody who can’t really stick to any game for now. So far, I’ve played like…4 MMORPGs this week. Yeah…

Silk Road
Not much to say about it. You have your regular monsters, 3D, skills, and is an average game in an ancient Asian world. But nothing really “special” about it that makes it stand out from the rest.

Ah, good ol’ MapleStory. It’s a great game, and is 2D, something most aren’t. I’m fine with either 2D or 3D, so it doesn’t really matter. This game has kept me going for like…what…two years? Quite a lot of time. Made quite a few characters there too. First a level 33 i/l wiz in Bera (too poor), then a level 33 spearman in Broa (boring, but got 2 mil). Tried to make an archer, but failed at level 20 (bbbooorrriiiinnnggg), and finally decided to finish my charade off with a thief, funding him with the 2 mil. Of course, I was total n00bz0r, so I just did the standard build of dex and luk. I wanted to make a str bandit, but I didn’t know how. Anyways, my luk bandit pqed like hell from 21-30 (and got like, 2 mil along the way). Proceeded to grind tirelessly until level 37, when I finally got lvl 21 Savage Blow, and went to LPQ. Found a few dorks, geeks, nerds, and idiots along the way, but it was pretty good.
Except for one thing: Thieves: 50%+ of total LPQ population.
Clerics: 10-20% of total LPQ population.
Fighters n’ Spearmen: 5-10%.
Wizards: 2-7%.
Hunters: 4-9%.
Crossbowmen: 1-2%.
Pages: 1%.
But at least the thieves were mostly assassins. It was before bandits got bandwagoned.
Anyways, trained/Lpqed til’ 51, in which I madly started to Rush Orbis PQ. It was pretty fun, and got to level 55 that way. Then I fled to do all my quests, and finished most of them. It was about that time when Ludi Maze PQ came out…

Oh, it was a glorious PQ, and saved me many a meso. My time had come. Immediately rushing away to Ludi Maze PQ, I found it crowded with people. Nevertheless, I still made myself noticed when the time was late and few were joining. This pq made me like, 10 mil. How? Here’s the gist. You go inside, hit the boxes in rooms 6 and 7, and…wait, just look at the other blog on my MMOid if ya wanna know. Anyways, at the end, you get to talk to this guy, and you get a random prize (usually a pot such as 100 mana elixirs, 100 orange juice, 20 grape juice, 50 kinko ramen, 20 fruit milk (Showa), 20 Coffee milk (town scroll), 20 Strawberry milk (Mushroom Shrine), a blood snowboard, an emergency rescue tube, and many more pots). However, the probability of getting pots is usually like, 95%. But you can sell the pots, whoopie! And because each LMPQ only takes about 3-4 minutes…well…that’s a lotta moola. But I got sick of LMPQ at level 64, and went to FoG, which bored me to no end until I just gave up at level 65, 57%. I searched around and found a game called Gunz.

Not much to say about this one either, because I’m a total noob at it. Got to level 6 doing quests, then quit. It isn’t that Gunz isn’t a good game, but when PvP, you have pings, so you have to ‘lead’ (shoot where your target will be). I can’t do that, and usually, my computer is so laggy that before I know it, I’m dead. There are a variety of weapons, but as a noob, I suggest the Renards (Dual Sub-machine guns), cause I hit more people. Though they’re a bit inaccurate, so don’t spray, but burst. Lol, I’m such a noob at this. Eventually, I realized for me to master it, it would take way too long and probably wouldn’t be worth the effort. So I also ended up quitting this and going to FlyFF, supposedly a fun game.

Yay, FlyFF. It seems pretty cool, and I level pretty fast with my coolio weapons n’ stuff. I’m currently an acrobat, level 20, at your service. I get to use bows, and have this skill called ‘Junk Arrow’, which basically shoots 4 triple shots, but the computer only registers it as 4 hits. Closer the better, and it is a wild skill, so it might go: 725, 0, 0, 748. Yeah. Closer=more hits, less 0’s. And I can charge up my arrows too! Gonna do that when I get dark illusion, which is PWNAGE!!! At least, that’s what I think. Don’t have it yet though… T.T
Anyways, FlyFF’s main ability is its flying board, which is only okay. But for some reason I’m still addicted to it. Weird, aye? Just like for some reason I was addicted to Maple…

And thus ends my blog! HOWEVER, There is one thing you must do if you haven’t already done it before: Click the ‘I liked it’ button, press the down arrow 7 times, and then go comment on mi blog!! Wait, weird…Why doesn’t it say that mi is spelled wrong? Is mi a real word? Huh? What? what!!!??? AUGH?!?!?#$?@#$!?!?@$#? *goes insane and gets headshotted by Mip*.
Grave says: Well anyways, hope ya liked reading my blog!

When do most MMO Talers go on the site (I’m talkin Pacific time)? Morning? Noon? Afternoon? Evening? Midnight? Please answer! l l l l l
… Click that button vvvvv Yeah, I’m not very good at drawing arrows…

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  1. This blog is notoriously based off of a format I use.

    . . .

    I LIKE ET. C:

    Oh, and to answer your question: I usually go on around night, when I have nothing else to do.


    EDiT: When I first started Gunz, I was pretty much a noob too. However, I learned to be patient, and I gradually began to learn techniques such as Slash Shot, Reload Shot,and more. My friends on the game taught me how to do Double ButterFly efficiently, and soon enough, I became a pro.

  2. Try Cabal? Although I dunno how your comp would handle it if it can’t handle GunZ.

    -=The Nazgul=-

  3. I’ve been juggling Maple , Rakion , GE and downloading Cabal . I’m gussing all my buddies left me x.x

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