UnLuCKy NuMBeR, FB, and WS!!!

Disclaimer: The title does not mean Unlucky Nexon’s Fake Wolf Spider Boss. -_-

The unlucky number.

What is it?

Oh c’mon, you should know it by now.


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So what do we have to do with the unlucky number today?

Well, the date is 5/17/2008.



But why is it unlucky?

Because it is 6+7, Devil’s Digit+Lucky Number. (Ty guosim for first like)

It is also 4+3^2×1^0.

That equals thirteen too.

It is the Number of Death (that’s what the Chinese call it) plus the magic number squared multiplied by the unique number to the power of nothing.

Cool, eh?

Anyways, I finally broke out of the Thirteen trap. That last blog about me reaching level 67 was happy for me because out got out of the double devil’s digit: DDD. Hey, that looks like the face. . Oh yeah, that reminds me. Reves gave me the devil’s curse. Why Reves WHY?!

So I’ve been stuck at level 67 for about 2 months. 2 boring months. Why? Because after I got to around 15%, I quit. I was sick of MS, and went to Mabinogi (Hey, they’re G2 now) for a bit. Then was horribly pushed back to Maple because of the Event. Hurmph. On the other hand, I got my cool hat. Only one more year and I get the hat with eyes! That will let me stalk Spade!


Four Eyes.

Okay, SCREW YA!!

*pick up Fish Spear and chuck at insulter*

Ha, now you smell like fish!

So, I finally got out of the unlucky number. Level 67. How? A spur of energy from the Maple Event. Quite honestly, I have never, ever gained so much experience in a single hour.

. . .


Okay, I have never, ever gained so much experience in a single hour as a Bandit.

So with a new resolve, I plunged myself straight into grinding at gryphons. With 6 of my buddies (4 from Real Life, pfft what a lousy game) and 7 of my guildmates on to chat with, I was having a blast. I was going to level. I was gonna be able to get to third job! I WAS GONNA BE ABLE TO GRADUATE!!!!!

. . .

Ehehehe, I meant reach fourth job. Yeah, that’s it.

Surprisingly, I met little resistance until 89%. I had to go downstairs for about 20 seconds to open my microwave to get food. Stupidly, I sent my Bandit from Mountain Cliffs to the Highlands so if Dark Sight ran out, he wouldn’t get pummeled by Gryphons. So I went downstairs happily for food, and came up to see this.

How the hell did that happen?!

That’s what I thought, until I saw a fake Geist Balrog flying around, only to be killed by a passing Assassin. Normally, I would’ve killed that stupid monster in 3 hits, but it does quite a bit with it’s Geist claw . . . and it is a magic attack.

This is why I HATE fake bosses. They always appear when you least want them to.

Still, such a setback could only stop me for so long. An hour later, something glorious happened.

After that, something even more glorious happened!

I leveled!!!!!

Que the confetti guys!

. . .

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I felt like suiciding after that. I mean, I have nothing to lose, right?


Except for time, of course.

So I headed for the closest easy suiciding spot: Wolf Spiders. They’re in NLC, and easy for me to get. So I entered the Wolf Spider Cavern, and guess what I found out! They do only 1.7k damage on me! Holy crud, that means…


So I set upon my mission to defeat one Wolf Spider. I knew it was a hard mission with all those evil guys who wanted to hog the channels, but nevertheless, I persisted. Once, I almost defeated one before that stupid Hero intervened. Pfft, he’s no hero. He’s a villian!
Still, after about 50 minutes of trying, I finally defeated one. Only to die to the next one. Ah well.

So what have we achieved?

Leveled, defeated a Wolf Spider, died many times, got ksed by many high levels, and am one step closer to having more like-its.

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P.S. I’ll work on Axis of Ekil [04] later iSpader. Just needed to get this blog off my mind.

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    Why? This blog is good, right?

  2. I hate 13.
    And interestingly,while my buds were looking at magazines the day b4 my birthday,
    the mag’s horrorscope said that 13 was my lucky day 0_O

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