It’s HUGE!

Well let’s start off shall we?


Wel, I’m level 111 now I’m typing this, but I need to be a stereotype and attentionwhore for the fact I’ve hit a triple digit level. Which ironically was also my 3rd level with 3rd job. Anyways, the level up was one of the silliest ever, orbis exchange quest. Afterwards I joined MrHankey on his 120 on crog.

I have acceptable items! Well, I’m still busy on the casa project which I’ll write about later. Currently I have a 109/2 marine raven, 27/3 ades, 12/1 shoes and 8 dex earrings to accompany my cape/gloves. They’ll all be upgraded eventually, but first the:

Casa project
eMS has papulatus now, yay a boss! It’s a pretty fun distraction from training, expensive distraction though. I dc’d on my first run, which was very annoying because it was the DK’s 2nd. And as a not hp-washing archer (MTSplz) I need hb or I’ll die by a bomb/body touch. Ironically I and the DK where the only survivors on the 2nd run.


No drops though.

Well anyway, I don’t think anyone needs to be told that the clock boss, which I wil now refer to as Daemon Chime or DC, drops casa crows, but I’ll say it anyway.

It drops casa crows, the level 90 crossbow.

Well with my marvelous 75 base str (way too much) I only need a 9 str cape to equip it, which would be below 20m. Now, the problem is that DC doesn’t enjoy dropping casas, and when it does people sell it for 50m or more, flippin’ 50+ for a crossbow, hacker support anyone? Anyways, accepting donations; mesos, 30/60 scrolls and casa crows. What? I’m poor I only have 85m ._.

Sniperishness advanced!

This is basically a sequel to: link

I gots some levels, some both more sp and more experience so evaluating time!

My current set is like:

30 strafe
20 MB
30 AE
21 blizzard
9 puppet
14 eagle


Strafe, it’s not faster. Tested. But still yay dmg, can’t imagine using doubleshot. I was messing around at 2nd job training grounds and watched some ranger using doubleshot. Deja vu!
Mortal Blow, OK, MB exists. I maxed it when I started noticing it. It’s plain AWESOME! Seriously it allows you to play much more on the offense instead of running all the time. This is generally handy on those 1 on 1 situations, it’s a potionwaste with aggro’d mobs. But for 1 on 1, just kb the monster and fire a blizzard. No need to run, use mb!
AE, only new discovery to this one is that it’s hitbox is useful for attacking monsters while moving away from them… Pretty straightforward skill really, but I still use iron arrow a lot because of it’s horizontal hitbox going so much further.
Blizzard, Perfect, trying to minimize the usage of it to maximize my damage output and it’s working. I need 1 blizzard for a gig viking, which is pretty much the strongest freezable monster I train on.
Puppet is still just sheer awesomeness, I have give it a name now! Which I am not telling for mysterious reasons! Puppet works great with blizzard, especially at gig vikings where you need 3 blizzards for 2 gigs, and even more as the mob becomes bigger. You just blizzard -> ia -> puppet where they can’t hit it and enjoy mobbing.
Eagle, It’s only level 14, so it’s stun % isn’t even 90 yet, but man does it help on not freezable monsters. When I get this baby to a better level GPW’s will get affordable to train on. Yay Eagle!

And now I lost motivation to type.

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