Chock full o’ cpq.

BLOG 20: Chock full o’ nuts.

I’ve really had nothing to do this past week, as it was raining and all my baseball games were cancelled. One of my friends went to his Uncle’s near Pennsylvania for the weekend, and my other friend is going to have family over until this afternoon. So, after hearing all budunk a dunk, I hauled my ass to MapleStory, and got my ass from level 30 to 43 in 6 days. “omg spade, so wut? u plai sms!” Nope. I still play Global, baby.

Carnival PQ is REALLY REALLY helpful for leveling up from level 30 and above. Also, its really fun because you can humiliate the other team however you want. You can summon monsters to attack the other team, weaken the other party with curses, and buff up the monsters the opposing team is attacking! Since cpq is only from level 30-50, I don’t know what I’ll do once I hit 50. Orbis Glitch? or Ludi maze?

I made 3 new friends during cpq. Mah good friend I pq with all the time, “thisBEAST”, this girl who stalks me but in a good happy way, “SaderLora”, and this other girl who’s pretty normal, “xJenJenn”. Deyz all teh gud papelz11! and all of dem giv me msoz for buy stufz!

I junked my Spiegelmann’s necklace as soon as my 60% marble didn’t work on it. Yeah. You heard me. SIXTY PERCENT. That’s like, 10% more than half! If I had to do a surgery to save my life with a sixty percent chance at success, 40% chance at failure and death, I would have totally accepted it, but now, I’ll keep the cracked spleen now, thanks.

I maxed out Critical Throw, and with a level 9 haste, I must say, this sin is REALLY starting to pay off. I used to do sucky damage before second job advancement, and mobs would rape me because I couldn’t run away and jump fast enough!

I made a new guild, but I mentioned this in Axis of Ekil for those of you who didn’t know. If you play in Global Broa, just give me a heads up and I’ll be sure to add j00! It’s called UnitedPwn, by the way. With 25 members of maximum, and a guild emblem, with active members, this guild just might become famous one day.

01 – 03: Screenshots of the equips I had on before I reached level 40.
[b]04:[b] Dude, this cpq was unfair. We annihilated them.


6 thoughts on “Chock full o’ cpq.”

  1. I wish I could MCPQ, when it came out.

    I’ve only done it once, and it was puuuurty awesome.

    GL on your guild~

  2. If say that marble was ur 1st slot,n u failed it,
    ur neck = left 3 slots or 2? 0_O

  3. Ludi Maze is free pots.
    It’s a lot more repetitive than Carnival, but still much better than grinding.

  4. RussetAure said: “Ludi Maze is free pots.
    It’s a lot more repetitive than Carnival, but still much better than grinding.”

    True that, I made 1 mill mesos every hour, my party was awesome.

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