Maple N’ Meeting

A two-handed sword scroll. Just found it while traini…nvm, that’s part of my blog later. I gotta get you guys hyped up!

It’s been awhile since I last blogged. Been meaning to, but didn’t get motivated enough. But now, with the new patented Noob-Off, I am!
. . .
Also, I’m hoping that the load of likes from the last blog will spill onto this one. Thanks and have a nice day.

Oh yeah, and I know a lot of you are wondering why I have a two-and-a-half word title. I’ll tell ya why:

It’s less than a three-word title, so it makes the cut. =)

Lulz. Okay, seriously, onto teh blog.

Today MMOT, I’ll be blogging about MapleStory (most of you are Maplers of a sort anyways). What? I never quit MapleStory! I just took a break from it and went to Gunz. Only to find out I’m a total nubzorz…Don’t ask. Just don’t ask…-_-“

Been boring in MS recently. Kill a few gryphons, gain a bit of exp, and get onto the verge of quitting again. Why do I feel like quitting?

MapleKombatII said: “Time-6:37
Green Mesoranger: “My senses indicate an evil force is heading this way…”
Blue Mesoranger: “Your senses are crap.”
Red Mesoranger: “lol”
Blue Mesoranger: “Wait, I feel it now!”
Green Mesoranger: “That’s IT!””

New challenger approaching: QUIT LIST!!!

Our first item shall be…


Yeah, it’s everyone’s maple enemy. GRINDING. Training for hours on end for what? Another level, and the vicious cycle repeats. Urgh, so BORING!
How do we do it? We listen to music, zone out, talk to friends and buddies, and such.
But now the grinding has finally gotten to me. It feels as if I just can’t stand another hour, otherwise my head will explode! Onto whoever wants my head to explode so they get splattered with head-explosion stuff (*hint* Try to not want my head to explode).
But you don’t have to grind, you can go party quest, or more commonly known as PQ! This brings me to my second point:

PQ Lock

As a level 66, I get choice of 3 pqs (NOT TWO!!). Yeah, I’m special. First off is:
Ludi Maze PQ
Okay, this PQ is awesome money, okay exp, pretty fun, but HELL for me. It just doesn’t like me. Read and like my Devil’s Digit blog. But that’s okay, because I can go to:
Orbis PQ
Or at least I normally could. Now, it is up to your neck full of nasty glitchers. Hate ‘em, and will never glitch. But what other PQ could there be?
Pirate PQ
An little-known PQ, but sucks except for hat (50 pqs). Pot burner, bad exp, bu hu.

Yeah, that pretty much screws up all my PQing opportunities.
Well, technically that was four items, so that wraps up my Quit List.

Next up on the agenda is something my guild has never experienced before…
Many of you have had tons of them.
What am I talking about?
Something that’s not a GPQ (sorry EonaGM).
It is…
Very important…
That I’m trying hard to remember…
Oh yeah, our first Guild Meeting!!!
Dun dun dun dooh doo *insert fancy music here*

Teh Guild Meeting

It started off with a spark of experience. The guild call of one of our best bandits, who I really respect. His IGN?
Yup, I started the guild meeting. After random flocys, I decided, ‘Hey, what the hell, what could happen?’
So I entered into the guild shout (I’m a Jr. Master): Guild meeting ch 19 FM, Rm 8!

The response wasn’t very noteworthy though, even though there were seven people online (total was 17). It seemed that nobody was coming, so I decided to add a bit to the ante.
[guildtype]First one here gets a prize![/guildtype]
Although it was on a flimsy whim, it got a nice response.
“Homg, I’ll be there!”
“Me please.”

But most noteworthy was from our guild leader, who I shall call shadow.
Shadow also got there first. He was probably expecting something big because I had been quite generous with my guild as of late.
So what did I lay in room 8?
I remember the number quite clearly.
237 mesos, a wad of cash. “Wow…” quote from shadow.
A few seconds later came our next member, who I’ll call vain. She almost made it.
In the next minute, a frenzy of people came. Kiggy (very esteemed member), Emmeralla, and Lonestar. I went around shouting, “CC PLZ” and jumping around with my red slain using my level 1 lucky 7 w/ subi. Pretty funny. Played around a bit, then decided to pose for Screen shots. At the exact time I pressed my scroll lock…
Yester came! Lol, look at this pic. Oh yeah, I have a photobucket now.
Dunno why. DUn ask meh.
Anyways, we played around a bit, and then Kiggy started to spam meditate. IT BURNED!! THE LEAF BURNED LIKE HECK!!!! FIERY HECK!! Don’t question how a leaf of all things can burn meh.
Afterwhich, I went into dark sight and farted in their faces by ducking under them and pressing attack. Try it out! While I did that, Lonestar and shadow had made a sort of custom face. Funny too.
But alas, all good things come to an end. I had to go. But before I went, I decided to go out with a bang. I shouted out: “SCROLL DROP!!” and ran around w/ haste, until I finally dropped that scroll. It was funny seeing everyone diving for it. I only got to look at their surprised F6 before I logged off.
What was the scroll you ask?


A 10% scroll!!!

I remember it was yellow…

This time guys, I’ll tell ya how to do it. Press the ‘I liked it.’ button down there. Then immediately turn away from your computer, do your homework, and then look at your computer.

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