Devil’s Digit


You’ll understand why I put that there later.

Anyways, I must say, I hardly expected to use a two-word title again. How I despise it. But too bad for me, because Unless I put ‘DD’, it won’t work. And DD sounds weird. So onto the blog!

This is mostly maple-related for some reason. Anyways, the Devil’s Digit. More commonly known as:


So what had we to invite over the devil’s dreaded number? My level on MapleStory. *shudders*

Why isn’t this in the leveling section? Good question, but I’ll just skid off it. This blog shows the PURE EVIL of the Devil’s number. Of course, this is merely MapleStory, so it might not seem to matter, but oh it does.
Now where were we?

Ah, level 65. A level halfway between the split between 60 and 70. *shudders* And I was stuck in it. But the next level, 66, was a double devil. Just horrible!
But somehow, though quitting, restarting, FlyFF, Gunz, LMPQing, I finally managed to reach the final percentage: 95.75%. I was LMPQing, and really wanted to reach my goal of 22,222,222 mesos, so I decided to be steadfast. Of course, it would only take 3-6 pqs, and I’d be off with it. Simple, eh?

If only it were so.

Now this is where our story begins: 95.75% at Ludi Maze PQ. Arriving home at 2:40, I quickly hopped onto my computer to finish off my leveling. My story begins off with me at a good mood.

Immediately, I am invited to join a party just as I log in. Cha ching!

What good luck for me! I was smiling, and glowing.
But immediately, the party’s incompetence began to show. Our leader was…how should I put it…not a very good leader. Now I’m not about to complain, because I’m not very good at clicking either. Can’t click for beans! But today was my supposed leveling day, so I was a bit on the edge. We kept Changing Channels, but never got in until channel 4.

Good job, bandit, you finally got into an LMPQ! Only problem is, your party is incompetent. We got through 1 PQ, then missed. It was obvious to me that I could not stay, so I quit and went back to Channel 1.

About 5 minutes of shouting, “J>LMPQ lvl 65 dit w/ maxed haste”, I managed to get into a fairly decent party. We got in easy, and moved onto room 6.

Before I begin, I disclaim that I’m not biased to all clerics.

Okay, so we were fighting tauros. Seeing as there were about 2 clerics there, I thought that, “Oh, they’ll heal me. I mean, even if one lags, the other will help.” I’m a bandit, so I get all up close to use Savage Blow. Oof, got hit 637 by the tauro’s physical. Ouchie, 843 by the lightning. Heal please? Wait, where the heck were those clerics?
. . .
They were magic clawing the tauros. Oh snap, I’d better po─
. . .
. . .
Just like the title of one of my previous blogs. Dead. Okay, this isn’t so bad. Only 1% loss anyways.
And the next time, I died again.

Not by the clerics, but because of my accursed computer. 248 HP, time to use my Barbarian pot.
And then I lag.

Yeah, that’s right


Right in the middle of a fight. With no clerics, and only a fellow bandit (where were the other 3?)

So I died. Again.

But I still went into my ghost form to see those terrible taurospears defeated.
With the funny part being that right as my fellow bandit struck the killing blow, the tauro made a last-ditch attempt and. . .

Fellow bandit deals 653, 712, 683, 675, 689, 703 damage. Wait 3 seconds for damage to take effect.
“Pikachu, use THUNDERBOLT!”
821 damage was dealt. The attack was super-effective!
Fellow bandit has been defeated.

So there we lay, dead. It was really funny really. We floated around in the bottom-right corner, but with our mission a success. Pity we couldn’t get the fruits of victory, because we were dead and the party leader d/ced right after.

Pity. Still, pretty funny.

The same thing kept happening. Get exp, lose it. Until finally I was invited to join my friend’s party at 94.37%, just about 1% lower than I started. It wasn’t somebody I knew IRL, but by then I was DESPERATE !! I was as pissed as. . .words fail me here. Just to give you readers a taste of what I was feeling, I’ll express a small bit of it in these words:


Yeah. . .

Anyways, I finally got in. This time, I jammed my pot button (Barbarian pots, 1.5k HP health) every time I got hit. A large waste of money, yes, but it kept me alive. Soon enough, I had reached 99.80% W00T!!!

ONLY ONE F*!@&#^$+% PQ MORE TO GO!!!

Oops, sorry, I was just so fricking pissed. Btw, this event happened 1 day ago. Did I miraculously finish off that one Party Quest happily?
I think you all know the answer.


It started with our leader (my friend) d/cing. A pity, but still okay, though we had to restart the PQ. It’s not as if I died again. So were killing the tauros in room 6, when I just realized that I was out of Barb. Pots. Here’s a quote from me:
“FFS!!! For F*!#’s Sake!!!”
Desperate to avoid catastrophe, and another death, I quickly grabbed the last bottle of 7-UP I had snuck up and gotten, and drank a bunch of it. Why 7-UP? Because everyone knows if 6 is the devil’s number, 7 is the lucky number. Duh. So I was left alive with 238 health. Needless to say, I just avoided combat and headed straight for the exit. Our party was finally done with 200 tickets, more than enough to finish. But then, the dreaded lag hit again─Oh crud, sorry guys I gotta cut this short. As for the question, “Did you ever level?” I will tell you the way to find out.

Oh yeah, pic #1 is me with my mesos. Pic #2 is the Dog Haxxor, and Pic #3 is me having some fun with BannedStory.

Press the ‘I liked it.’ button below. Close your eyes for 10 seconds, than open them. You shall see the answer in front of you.

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  1. LMPQ, eh.
    It’s a good way to pass the time. But as you’ve found out it can choose to be mean

  2. Some kid at my school made a link to a website on our school homepage (he was assigned to work on it anyway; I dunno why he did what it did) that had a bunch of 666 stuff and how the school sucked on it. He got suspended, so I don’t get to wake him up in Spanish class when he keeps falling asleep.

  3. *notices only two likes and MasterCheeze didn’t like it* *feels disappointed* *asks self what I did wrong* *types it out*

  4. LOL @ teh Pikachu

    Yeah make it like )Pod(
    -Pod- !Pod! *Pod* ~Pod ~Pod~
    <Pod> <<<<Pod>>>>> ?Pod? Or something. maybe I’ll change my sig. . . .


  5. RussetAure said: “Because he’s a prick, of course.”

    The only blog I’ve read in the past couple weeks is Grimno’s and that’s only because he said it was going to be short.

  6. Hey, I got 10 blogs and 70 likes. w00t! Also, has anyone seen Dest1’s friend list? o.0

    Edit: DARN IT! Froggy ruined my 7:1 Blog:Liked it Ratio.

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