Before I start this blog, I must warn you this is not all about FlyFF. I’m sorry, but HEY, PUT THE GUN DOWN!!! PUT IT *crack* … … … everyone’s a critic, eh? Just some are more violent than others… meh. I over use ellipses (…). Maybe I should start overusing exclamation marks!! *crack crack* *drool* *dead* Okay, who the hell keeps shooting me? Am I like dead again? … Fine, I’ll get on with it. Hope ya like it (though ya probably won’t).

Oh yeah, word of warning. I’m sorta ‘sneak typing’, meaning I’m not supposed to be typing but doing homework…eh, who cares? My parents. Now onto the blog!

As I clicked ‘Select’ on my FlyFF player select screen, I thought about life. Life…without school. Wouldn’t it be…Hey, who’s that dead person over there with a giant giggle box over him? Sheesh, what a drooling, stupid loser…crap, that’s me. It is the same problem every time. I log in, and die, and lose 5% and get sent to the nearest town. So my options are to:
1. GO to town and log off.
2. Die and lose 5%, go back to town.
what!! Who knew a gaming company could be so evil? … *looks at Nexon America with MS* *rethinks*
Correction: Who knew a decent game company could be so cruel to people?
Well, what ever. I’m currently training on…

You don’t wanna know the name

It’s too funny

You really wanna know?

Fine, but don’t tell anybody.

[whisper][/whisper] Hobos!!!! [whisper][/whisper]
Seriously, what kind of name is that? Some hobos out there addicted to FlyFF are gonna quit at this disgrace. Why does FlyFF insult its players? Man, they don’t know anything.
But I do find a few funny things about hobos:
1. They use a ranged attack that throws a small green-white glowing ball at you.
2. The ranged attack comes OUT OF THEIR SWORD!
3. what HOBOS DON’T HAVE SWORDS@!!!!!!
4. The sword kinda looks like a mini-Doombringer (search it up on MS).

Okay…weirdish. Oh yeah, and FlyFF actually seems to have an okay ‘story’, though Maple’s story beats it all: …oh crap, my computer deleted all my bookmarks. I forgot. Oh well, go here: link
Tell meh if ya like it. Actually, just comment and press the ‘I like it’ Button.

MapleStory. FlyFF. Silk Road. Ragnorok. What are these? MMORPGs (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games). For many MMORPGs, there are a few characteristics they share:
Most are free:
Seriously, who wants to play a game that costs money when you can get another game that is the same but free (WoW is just out of the league though, so it has special rules). Of course, most games do have something related to real cash (such as MS’s NX cash and FlyFF’s gPotato). But generally, it doesn’t affect the gameplay too much, though there are some exceptions (I’m looking at you MS).

Yeah, you really don’t want to be the same thing as everybody else. Thereby, most MMORPG’s have classes/jobs, though there are a few differences between them, such as if there should be a ‘beginner’ class or not. I also find that most MMORPGs in fantasy have:
1. A type of warrior. Guy with sword. W/e
2. A type of ranger. Somebody who has range and usually uses a bow.
3. A magician. A little splice of magic with wands and staffs is nice.
4. A miscalleous (spell check pl0x) class, one that is usually ‘unique’.

Other stuff
I’m rushing this a bit, cause I gotta end my blog b4 I get caught. Anyways, most MMORPGs also have a variety of quests, a ton of equips, a sort of ‘leveling’ system, healing items (pots, food), and of course, combat. Combat=nearly mandatory is most MMORPGs. And by combat, I mean killing monsters (or players) to level up, get equips, get rich, or w/e. Also, there will usually be a currency, money, all that good stuff. Yeah…w/e Anyways, I really gotta go before I get ca—SNAP!! Too late for me, see ya all pl0x! And please tell me how to improve or any other info or anything and press ‘I like it’ now!!! N0WZRSX

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4 thoughts on “Dead…”

  1. FLYFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF. Like my comment on your LAST blog, what server do you play? x_x

    It’s spelled “miscellaneous.” (You requested the spell check on it, so, )

  2. Wow, this actually got to the front page. Also, I play LaWolf, ’cause my friend plays there. U?

  3. I usually leave my character riding on her board, so that when she respawns, she respawns on her board.
    That way, no monsters can attack you when you spawn, see.

  4. ipod123432 said: “Wow, this actually got to the front page. Also, I play LaWolf, ’cause my friend plays there. U?”

    Aw. Mushpoie’s mine.

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