Wonderful day :D!(Editted)

Today has been such a good day.. so far :x.

I just got done with a Zrun, one of my permaruns on Wednesdays. It kind of sucked, about an hour long run because a lot of attackers didn’t show up.
Few people died during it and we used I think 3 Ressurects during the whole thing. Then I started running out of stars. Mind you I have 24 sets of Ilbis and Triple Throw. Next level I plan on investing a point into Shadow Claw .
After I ran out of stars I started tossing money at Zakum lol then shortly after, a party member ran out of MP pots, then HP pots. That left us with 10 remaining people, one was a buyer :p.

The run was worth it though, I got my TT20 finally and relooted a helmet. Bummer on the helmet, I’m a Night Lord and it has 13 Luk and less Dex than my other helmet had. Thank god it didn’t have less than 15 dex though, I’d be screwed. Ok so, after I was given my TT20 from the run, I ran to Free Market.

During the run a kid from BasilMarket whispered me about a cape I was bidding on. 3 Attack, 8 Luk PAC. I had bid 99,999,999 on it and he was going to just auto-win it for me. Guess he was in a hurry to make money from it . Great for me though, I’ve been waiting a long time for a 3/8 PAC. It’s now replacing a 3Attack, 4 Luk PAC.

Before I paid for the PAC, I used my TT20. IT WORKED! So yayayay! I’m set until TT30 starts being sold out to the public… and is lowered to a price I can afford :p.

I have another zrun in about 40mins. I’m hoping some decent stuff drops so I can get a nice payout from it seeing as this last run since I relooted a helm, I won’t be getting paid .

Oh well, If anyone in Broa on MapleStory wants, I’m selling a 3Attack 4Luk PAC, 60m.

My second run on this day ended up being AMAZING. Seeing as I’m a Night Lord, I have max Alchemist. With max Alchemist my Onyx Apples last 15 minutes for me. We killed Zakum before my apple died! The run was about 14minutes. That’s the fastest run I’ve ever been on. I nearly peed myself from it .

I also included a screenshot of all the people who went on the second run.

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