Kradian people suck

Duuuude. Everyone on my buddylist I met when I was about level 20. Now they’re all level 50 and Im still level 40!

I’m not one of those people who play like, twice I week. I log on daily and play for an average of 2 hours; most of that time is spent training (well, PQing). How do people do it? They level like maniacs, every single person on my buddylist is like that.

A while back when I was changing servers, someone told me that the newer servers had less nibs, and they were right. Holy crap, these people are OBSESSED. They never ask for PCs, level two times a day, and have 10000 ATK WGs and stuff like that. I feel like the nib now T_T Also, random defaming. Back in KPQ I was sitting around waiting for a PQ when some level 60 bowman thought it would be funny to spam “who wants defame”. I wasn’t going to be an ass and tell him to shut up, because then I would surely get defamed. I opted for saying, “why would anyone want that?” Well, bless my luck this man comes back with like 5 of his mules and defames me. So my summary of the month or so I’ve spent in Kradia is this:
1) Kradian people are pr0sauce
2) they are also mean.

This makes me miss Bellocan. Everyone took an easy there, I never felt any pressure to PL, and folks were pretty friendly. I went back to visit today, it hurt. I spent so much time and money there, and I had so many friends. I’m kind of weak for running away to Kradia. I could of left the guild, made new friends, and got my interest in my ranger back but instead I opted for quitting. It felt heroic at the time, but the consequences have finally hit me, and I’m sad. I miss my bow, my guild, what friends I had left, and my husband. Its too late to go back now, I just hope things turn out okay in Kradia.

2 thoughts on “Kradian people suck”

  1. Kradia is a small commuinty. You wouldn’t expect them to train. All the higher up levels have more fun, becuase of the close knit soceity. I myself got into a zakum guild so my Kradia experince from level 1-32 was A-OK. However I quit Kradia, becuase I couldn’t stand the commuinty. It’s simply really awesome there.

  2. This hurts. . . .alot.

    I’m in Kradia, I’m not a bad person. But I must admit. Some people are a bunch of no good noobs. But then again, what other server doesn’t have them.


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