First blog, its gonna be long

I’m turning over a new leaf in MS. I’m on a quest to make this dearly beloved game interesting again.

For the past 14 months I’ve been working a level 90 Ranger in Bellocan. When I first started out, I started with three other IRL friends. I had run across the game randomly, and had no experience whatsoever playing MMORPGs. All we knew was we wanted one character from each class in our tiny group of four. As we progressed we started learning about the complex system of the game. We learned that our stats were messed up, and many of us had to restart a few times. We learned about guilds, and yearned to be in them. After drifting through many quiet, noob guilds; we finally landed in Ruins. Ruins will always be in my mind, it brings me back to a better time. Everyone had so much fun in there, it was almost a miracle that all these different people I liked so much could all be in one place. The guilds I had been in were primitive compared to Ruins. I grew with them, but soon outgrew them. Sometime around level 50-60 Ruins went through its first breakup. We started to notice that many of our players had become inactive, and some of them had quit. Two of these people were the original four I started out with. As our guild began falling apart, one of our members tried to reunite us under a new name, but unfortunately he wasn’t a good leader. In addition to this, there was another guild that branched off of the dead Ruins called Wind. Me and him had many disputes and finally, I left the new Ruins (then called [N]orthernLites). I drifted around from guild to guild, back like when I was level 20. For sometime, I was in a guild of a close friend’s called YouCantJoin. I was really meaning to stay there till the leaders took a break from MS, and things were lonely again. I found myself in MapleSyrup, and I was so pleased that I was on the top ranked GPQ guild, that I stayed for a while. But I noticed that I couldn’t easily converse with the members, they were all age 20+! But by that time, the leaders of YouCantJoin had come back from their break, and I joined again. Soon NorthernLites and Wind would disband to become YouCantJoin. I was overjoyed when this happened, all my favorite people back in one place! Everyone was overjoyed at this reunion, and invited all the people that weren’t originally in Ruins into our family. Our guild was massive, totaling at about 60 people. Things were finally back to normal.

I spent many months in that guild, I rose to the Junior Master position, and grew close with the two creators of the guild, Lola and Person. Along with my oldest friend from Ruins, Chiko, the four of us would spend a lot of time training, spamming each other, and suiciding. It felt like it lasted forever, this happiness and feeling of unity. As I immensed my self in training with the other three I failed to notice even more people had quit. But by January 2008, the emptiness in YCJ was scarily evident. A few weeks before patch 0.49 Lola and Person semi-quit. It was just me and Chiko now. I would have gotten through this if 80% of my buddy list didn’t quit too. I was so shocked that I didn’t notice all these people disappearing, it smacked me in the face. I didn’t know if Ruins could recover from this schism this time, only two of the original members were left!

So here I am, typing up this extremely long blog no one will read, saying I’m turning over a new leaf. And I am. I got my three other friends together, the ones I originally started with. Even though two of them quit, we all agreed, we would start over. And this time we wouldnt spend most of our time powerleveling and trying to get to 4th job. We would take an easy, and have fun. I can’t quit MS, I’m sadly addicted, but I can make it more enjoyable.

This afternoon, Blumarine will be born. She will be a cleric, either in the server of Kradia or Khaini, we’re still in dispute. For anyone who runs across this blog and happens to read it. If you are in those servers we would really like your help. To insure that everything works out this time, Im blogging and hopefully readers will help me whenever I’m in a dilemma.


8 thoughts on “First blog, its gonna be long”

  1. Guilds can cause a lot of drama. I haven’t yet been able to get into one I like, probably because I’m 20+ and can’t really communicate with guildies. And just recently one I talked to a lot in mine got expelled. Sigh.

    Welcome to MMOT. :3

  2. T_T I know the feeling.

    When you do find the right guild hold on to it, cause it doesnt last forever.

  3. Yea, guilds are always so dramatic T_T;

    When my guild of pretty much two years disbaned because our leader (who we all knew in real life) had a pretty retarded break up with his girlfriend in the guild (who we all knew in real life), and everyone ended up hating him because we were all on the girlfriend’s side to begin with D; it was crazy.

    So I made my own guild, and it was pretty much supposed to be for my own 7 Broa characters . . . but that was no fun so I invited more people T_T;

  4. Vicelin said: “Yea, guilds are always so dramatic T_T;”

    Agreed. >(

    But yeah, I’ve been with my present one for going-onto-a-year, and so far so good (despite weird notice wars, one random emo whole-guild-expelled-incident, a crazy guildmaster, and rather devastating RANT sprees). It’s a little quiet now, ’cause school’s started and all. But I’m sure they’ll come back.

  5. woah woah woah, time out this is kinda sad, i seen worse, like a guild on my nooby account quited the first week ><
    my main tho has a guild that even sometimes gives NX, yes, NX our leader though is busy and so is our Junior Masters, so wat to do?
    anyway i love my guild soo much and i cant live without them ><
    so there you have it
    Just saying welcome to MMOT ?

  6. Thank you all for commenting, we’ve all had our share of guild troubles.

    So much drama, yet we can’t stay away from them eh?

    btw if any of you are in Kradia, PM Biumarine, I would love help ;]

  7. Lol the guild I owned had like 20 people in it. It was in Bera and called NotNamed. I let my friend use the acocutn he leveled me up twice and my pin got changed. I dont really care lol. Well, the two people who were the msot active in the guild left an dmade a guild called, TheCookieClub and then I quit because I got bored. lol

    I think i might make a new character. . . annd come back

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