Fed up.

There have probably been blog posts similar to this but I am going to rant about this anyway.

What is with all these people, in game and IRL, telling you “Oh, why are you always playing games? You’re SUCH a loser. Get a life. etc.” Its annoying, and I’ve been told so many times that I have to vent. So what if I’m always playing some MMO, wasting my life away at the computer. First of all, it isn’t their business what you do. Second of all, there’s nothing wrong with playing MS for 8 hours straight! (except for major headaches). I’ll admit, sometimes I turn down an outing, just because my guild is planning on GPQing, or just because I want to level up. I spend most Friday nights online, and sometimes Saturdays too. I HAVE NO LIFE, according to the general public. But what’s important is, I have fun! I have fun having no life, and if it makes me happy, leave me alone. **** everyone who thinks you should be hanging around the mall or at a party every night because its boring.

Today I was on Profil3, and this banner on a girl’s homepage said “Maplestory, the only place that feels like home”. That was the one bit of text I could really connect to (if I used that in English class I wouldn’t be bull****ting for once). Nothing (more like no one) satisfies me in real life. My life away from MS is boring, and awkward; I’m constantly messing up and saying the wrong things. Whenever I fall in love, I mess it up, and then the guy ends up leaving. For me love doesn’t come often, and it hurts. And the worst part is, I can’t run from this; whatever mistakes I make leaves an impression on the people in my town, and these impressions don’t fade. I can’t move, my parents won’t let me. But on MS, I just quit, I run away and when I finally come up with a good explanation for my erratic behavior, I come back, apologize, and all is good again.

I’ve ranted much too long and this post is so lengthy no one wants to read it, so I’ll shut up.


8 thoughts on “Fed up.”

  1. Nice rant. Don’t get a life, just y’know, maybe hang out with a friend once in a while to make sure they know you’re still there.

  2. What if Maple shuts down one day ?

    Never be too dependent on something like this .

  3. repty said: “What if Maple shuts down one day ?

    Never be too dependent on something like this .”


  4. You know, going out with your friends is one of the funnest thing to do,

    Your story is just kinda sad >.>”

  5. Sorry pookie, but I’d advise you to consider- “Face reality”

    If you think life is boring, then you have not seen the real world.
    There are beautiful wonders, vast landscapes, great people, distinct cultures, and worthwhile moments to yet be seen and cherished.
    I have experienced many things in my few travels as a diplomat.
    Whereas playing MS, have also given me happiness, love, hate- which is almost completely artificial.
    There are children in the world, who do not have access to computer. . or should I say:
    Parents. Food. Love. Friends. Place to live.

    Technology has been a great tool in life, but we shouldn’t be so dependent on it.
    What are you gonna do when you don’t have these technologies/entertainment (Maplestory).
    For all those years you have grinded so much on playing, has been for naught. All the opportunities that you had before was lost.
    I’m not saying you shouldn’t quit MS, but don’t be too dependent on it. I have been a MS addict once, but now I realized how my future schoolwork would interfere in playing. I found friends better than my pixelated screen, that I was once valued more. I learned to be more sociable and have true fun, before I was more timid and reserved.

    Go outside and face the world boy’, you can’t hide forever.

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