I finally saw a 4th jobber!!

Today I decided that I would casually train and get exp little by little. When I logged in, I noticed that the new patch came with some small changes (I just downloaded it yesterday). There are hearts by everyone’s names in their profile. I’m guessing its for a Valentine’s day event of some kind. I also noticed that the 1,000 arrow limit for one slot has been doubled! I’m actually very happy about this because arrows take up a lot of space. I don’t normally have to buy much but it’s annoying to have like 5 or 6 slots of arrows and you want to pick something up. I bought over 8,000 arrows today and I saved so much space. =)))))

Now that’s out of the way…on to the topic at hand! Last week I was telling my friend about the 4th job and both of us agreed that we would really like to see a 4th jobber one of these days. Today while I was training in the Kerning Subway I saw my first one! He was a Priest. I guess he was testing out his new skills. They were awesome. I’m sorry I couldn’t get a better screenshot. I forgot which button it was so I randomly mashed the function keys until I managed to get a pic. XD (I’m about to get bxtchslapped in the second pic! D: ) I managed to catch one of his attacks and he killed at least 6 or 7 squishies at once. It was an AoE spell. >.< Ahh, I want one… I really do have respect for people who get that high. It takes some serious hard work to get up to that level.

Unless you hacked…then you suck. >.>

Anyway, I think I might log back in and train some more. My goal today was to get up to 50% but I only got up to like 34-35%. (I felt like watching dramas. o.o) I hope I get to see more 4th jobbers soon!

9 thoughts on “I finally saw a 4th jobber!!”

  1. Pressing print screen and pasting into Paint is a good way to take SS’s now. Like, Scroll Lock isn’t working for a lot of people for some reason.

  2. The hearts are to show if that person is married in-game or not.

    Now they just have to transfer the wedding ring effect from Global to MSEA. *>(*

  3. I’ve seen some 4th jobbers, too. Mostly hanging out in Ludi showing off their skills to their adoring fans.

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