A scam in Wolf Spider Cavern.

Lv.90 xaZnrift3r
I was enjoying some quadruple experience after Nexon’s 19 channel maintenance. It was after I leveled that the scam actually happened. Some Bishop comes out of the blue, and asks me if he could train me. He parties me and whatnot, since I’m just standing there by the portal. Then he tells me he can train me for 3 hours, but forgot to buy pots. He kills a few spiders with his Huge Light thing and tells me to buy him pots. So I bought 600 Mana Bull and gave that to him. The greedy scammer said he needed 300 more if he was going to train me for 4 hours. I asked for my 600 pots back, and he left. I guess he got me good because I was so hyped up on level 90 >,<.

3 thoughts on “A scam in Wolf Spider Cavern.”

  1. If he was using MG, he probably did need all of those. *Doesn’t use MG for that exact reason*.

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