Independence Day in Mabinogi

Okay! Listen. My life in Mabinogi has been pretty stable. In the last 3 days people were shooting fireworks into the sky and trying to get the highest to earn 10k NX Cash. Hey, if you play Mabinogi, you’d want the NX.

Now in recent events, I have become a Paladin upon completion of the G2 Mainstream scenario. I even have my own smexy Paladin armor. I myself have become a good player in Mabinogi, just not one of the top players that everyone will know. I only have a total of 86 levels in my past 3 lives. So sad.

But anyways, today is independence day! Load the BBQ and Fireworks people! Now watch this [url=

&feature=user]clip[/url] of two guys firing fireworks- inside a microwave! How awesome it that?!? But not only that, Mabinogi will also have an event today that 10 people from each server will be awarded 10k NX Cash for firing the most fireworks ingame. Now that is just a break over.

So. . . Whatelse? Well I don’t want to make this blog too short. . . SO let’s talk about what I’ve been doing lately! In Mabinogi! I’ve been mining and make big bucks quickly. 300 Gold for a single piece of Iron Ore. And you can stack them up to 10. So I make 18k for every 2 runs in the dungeon.

Mabinogi Player Tip #1

New section! Player tips for Mabinogi! Now for something new I find in Mabinogi, I’ll turn it into a helpful tip for living in Erinn. Now, the tip.

Never toss away Fomor Scrolls that you have plenty of. If you get 10 of a Fomor Scroll, talk to a couple of NPC’s to cash the scrols in for gold. Good scrolls to collect or Mimic Fomor Scrolls. Easy monsters that deal around 1 damage and 9 damage if it’s a critical. You can find these Fomors plentiful in Ciar Beginner dungeons.

Independence Day

It’s 4th of July! WOOT! Let’s blow stuff up in Combat Arms and show our support for good ol’ America!

… I got nothing.

So yeah. See me around in Mabinogi or some other place sometimes. For older blogs, go to FireLeo86.

Now I’ll get something to drink.

11 thoughts on “Independence Day in Mabinogi”

  1. Yesterday I went to one of the high schools (the one I’ll be attending in the fall~) to watch a fireworks show. P:

  2. Oh seems like Mabi got cool without me.
    Stupid Nexon’s devilish ways made me quit

  3. You still need to pay to transform into Paladin. Look at the bright side, at least Mabinogi Korea has a cash shop starting from July 2nd.

  4. Video- too much talking, NOT ENOUGH GIGANTIC EXPLOSIONS! I was seriously hoping the microwave would blow up.

  5. Heh, explosions in a microwave. And people said you COULDN’T use fireworks indoors!

  6. RussetAure said: “

    iSPADE said: “Combat Arms is the shiet.


    Good or bad shiet?”

    Guuuuuuuuuuuuuuuud shiet. =D

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