A Poem Plex

Okay so lets just spill it out. I’ve got a mondo- super duper important assigntment due on monday, and I haven’t even gotten started. I guess I’m sorta on a writer’s block, I just have no ideas coming to mind.

So I’m not gonna sit around and do nothing- I’m gonna do a writing excerise! Oh but wait! Lets write a poem instead! It’s easy, expressive and I don’t need big ideas to express bigger feelings.

If love was a bird, with simple wings
I would soar and seek as why I sing

Your simple actions, simple ways
Longs me for that ‘nother day

With lips so beautiful, without a dare
I would always like to have you to share

Through the city or through a town
Your smile can’t bring me down

I hope our love is true indeed,
and to never stop growing as a seed

Yea just a few scribbles I did within 20 minutes.
PS: Tell me what I need to improve on, and better yet how to get rid of this writers block.
Edit: Gib me some nice descriptive words for my assigntment( Needs to write another ‘point of veiw’ from the book ‘The Giver’)

2 thoughts on “A Poem Plex”

  1. “The Giver” was a good book, though the ending was anticlimactic. You could use a thesaurus to look up fanciful words to your liking. You poem didn’t really make sense to me. It came off as a love poem, but it didn’t seem to go anywhere ( no offense ). As for the writers block, watch some TV or read someone else’s fanfics / blogs. That always helps me.

    -=The Nazgul=-

  2. ehehe, your poem is so cute XD
    Are you thinking of a specific, someone when you were scribbling!? XD

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