Roses are red, YOU are blue!

Roses r red, u r blue.PbSO4 is finally 70, thanks to u?


okay, tis is the 1st time im writing here… or typing… ><
*clap clap*

oh bak to the topic!
roses r red……
PbSO4 is lvl 70 finally a mit! woots!
it wasn’t easy… made like loads and loads of mistakes =.-

it all started when i went to the dark lord 1st… zzz…
the boat took its own sweet time to arrive >.> dat did not help either…
after arriving at obis, went straight down to el nath jus to be send bak to vic and bak to the dark lord… thx maple… >.>
lets see… next mistake!
need to go kill the dark lord rite?
for some unknown reason, i went to ant tunnel… darn!
wad am i doing?! LOL
after some help from chris n the guildies, i finally reach the monkey swamp…
n guess wad… i got lost thr… >.>
finally reached the dark lord clone! hooray!
but i did not know at 1st…
so i was asking chris.

me: hey! who is tis guy walking around?
chris: kill him!
chris: thats the dark lord!
me: ouch ouch! PAIN!

LOL… after some spamming of pots, it was finally down… YAY
and it was bak to el nath!
jus as i thought,no way i can make another mistake, i bought a tix from joel the ticket usher!
den i was like… ” what? i hav 9 tix bought in ludi for 10k each, y the hell i buy another 1 for 80k?!”
the boat finally arrive n i was still sulking over the 80k…
almost died cos of the crogs dat spawn…
ran to hide in the cabin…
i hav not talk to dark lord after killing the clone!
i hurry log off n bak on… zzz
i blame… err… JOEL!
after talking to dark lord, its bak to the boat =.0
anyways, after i got bak to el nath, i was warmly welcome by my beloved darling, the lovely SilverFx! woots!
stephen joined us wif his female mage,
thus, we called him stephanie…
i gotta admit i started it… opsy. sowie~
and it was off to the auntie rock…
i called it the auntie rock cos it ask lot of question like an auntie… so yeah…
as we were walking, sil suddenly died… too lag i guess…
shortly later… another tombstone dropped!
tis time, it has my name on it. >.>
the lag was killing me! literally!
oh well, so we walked bak…
as we were reaching the rock, i suddenly realized!
i hav not made the crystal thing! what?
so had to go bak n make the crystal… zzz… 100k gone like dat…
i was so afraid i click rong ans dat i called up sil n discuss the ques thr while steph help us out. LOL
even wif dat… i click the rong ans and thr goes another 100k…
jus my luck hmm?
thank god stephen was thr to help bring another crystal… thx man!
so the ques was answered n it was bak to Arec!
HOORAY! PbSO4 is a mit!
like finally rite?

special thanks to
and every1 else dat helped along the way…

9 thoughts on “Roses are red, YOU are blue!”

  1. Lawls. Silly darling~ <3 Grats on Hermit-hood for the umpteenth time, ahaha. XP

    Mmm. Nao, get enough $$ to get a hog~ ;D

  2. thx~! for the umpteenth time too! WAKAKAKAKA

    hoggy hmm?
    patience patience~ F3

  3. SilverFx said: “Lawls. Silly darling~ <3 Grats on Hermit-hood for the umpteenth time, ahaha. XP

    Mmm. Nao, get enough $$ to get a hog~ ;D”

    Nao,get 150k each to pay me off the last gpq b4 i forget

    Grats on being a mittie.

  4. Blue. I like blue. I love black. =P


    Ahem. Sorry, I’m still giddy from touching a comp for the first time in five days.

  5. LAW Imppie,you should had seen eon.
    Blue hair,Blue shirt,Blue pants,Blue scrab,Blue starry gloves,Blue crystal earings
    But not blue skin

  6. Lol, you screwed up the worstest ever!
    But you got an awesome picture of the light, it’s perfect!

    ~LaZzz. . .

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