Gujju’s Adventures in Mabinogi!!!

Yes Folks, I do still remember how to blog! My last blog, an interview, wasn’t even written by me Isn’t that just dandy?

Well, I quit Maple, so that would explain why I really haven’t blogged in some time, but now I have a brand new game to write about! Yippee! It’s called Mabinogi, a new game from Nexon, and it’s in the beta testing phase right now.

My friend told me about it about a week or so before it came out, and I knew I wanted to play this thing! It’s a 3D game, which had me worried for a while, because I totally suck at those games, but it just looked so cool! So the day after it was released, I downloaded it (which didn’t take nearly as much time as Cabal did, more on that later) and logged on.

I really like the game play so far, as you get like an infinite amount of quests to do, and it keeps you busy. There are lots of cool skills to fool around with, like composing music (I have been playing the Super Mario theme all day!), or starting a campfire.

Another thing I found totally awesome was that you can choose your characters starting age, which ranged from 10-17 years old. Me and my friend decided to be 10 year olds, because they are so short and cool looking. Haha. And you character ages in the game too. I logged on today to find I grew to be 11. Sweet.

And the “monsters” you fight in game aren’t really monsters, but are real animals, like wolves, foxes, and giant icky spiders. And there are dogs, and chickens running around there too. There are sheep too, and you can sheer them of their wool, which is used in quests and such.

So pretty much, that’s about all I have to say for now, because iI have only been playing for like 2 days. If any of you MMO-ers want to go and play, my character name is Gujju, on the Tarlach server.

EDIT! I forgot the Cabal part. So i Downloaded it because dumdum AznKnife told me to.And it took freaking forever to download! I basically had to leave my computer on overnight to download it, but Mabinogi took like 15 minutes to download. But i didnt really like Cabal XD So I got rid of it.

Peace out fools.

Gujju ♥

4 thoughts on “Gujju’s Adventures in Mabinogi!!!”

  1. I would have stuck with you interviewing me as your last blog, I mean god I keep rereading it, I find myself so interesting.

  2. I’m deleting my Mari character so I can join Tarlach. I was level 16 and retarded, wasted all my AP points.
    But for some reason, due to rules, I have to wait until 7am tomorrow before making a new character. >.>

    Anyways, yea, I love it. The owls keep coming with them quests.

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