Weekend Wonders

This weekend, I went away from gaming.
I went… to North Carolina @_@
I think I misspelled it..

Oh wells.

Nuts to English

Anyways. It was a fun experience to head south and visit my mom.

Lets start from the beginning.


Lol, a different beginning.

That didn’t work either…

Ah heck it.

Lets just begin.

*DAY 1*

Woke Up
Had Breakfest
Packed Up
In Car
Stopped at McDonalds
Picked up Ranch BLT
Continued on Journey
Listened to Music
Played PSP
Made a pun about “Troutsville”
Continued on
Arrived at Mom’s house
Had Dinner (mmm)
Watched stand-up comedy on T.V.
Went to Bed



Now, lets just get to the fun part.

I attempted Snowboarding.


I got my gear, rented a snowboard, and this is how it started.

*Arrived at the Ski lodge*

Witnessed a guy getting hauled away in ambulance (awesome sign there..)
Equipped my Snow Boots
Waited for the “Instructor”
Got involved with a “climatic event”

You see, my brother was GONNA ask this one guy where the Ski Instructor was meeting, but didn’t. Then, about 3 minutes later, the same guy he was gonna ask, crashes into a tree while snowboarding and breaks his leg.
Now, we thought to ourselves.
If my brother HAD asked the guy the question, and delayed him, would he have crashed? Or would the different positioning of people on the skiing hill have made him take another path?
Its like off some game when the screen turns black and white, and you have the choices “RUN” or “FIGHT” but instead it would have been “ASK” or “IGNORE”.

Well, in our decision, he’s in the hospital now.


Next thing I did was stare at my snowboard and think “Hmm, looks like the Sky Board…”
So then I’m standing there, swinging the snowboard like off MapleStory and saying “I have a +2 snowboard! Yeeaahh”

Well, instructor came.

You know what, while reading this, let this awesome song play.

Ok. Well, I learned Skiing would have been easier.
Cause the HARDEST thing about snowboarding.
Is being able to stand…

Sucka kept sliding…
Well, the tutorial sucked…

I learned how to stand, how to turn, how to stop… (not really…)
But I never learned how to slow down.

Now, some are like “Oh, its easy to stop.”
Well, yeah… sorta. Either faceplant yourself, or do it the right way. And when your speeding down a hill, there is no right way.

So, I kept falling. So did my brother, and his GF.
We all kept falling…


Well, eventually I stood and was snowboarding down the tutorial hill.
One problem.
I don’t know how to turn. And there were ALOT of people in the way.
You know, the kids who stand there, looking around.
So, to stop myself from hitting the person. I made myself fall over.
And then I slid..

12+ feet.

On my rear.

Which then went numb.

And was wedgied.

So then, eventually, the tutorial was over.
And I decided “I’ll ride da ski lift and go down da hill!”


I got on the Ski lift, and was petrified.

Nothing holding you in.

(There was a pole you could have pulled down, but I didn’t see it…)

So there I was… 20+ feet in the air. On a bench.
With no safety guard.


Can you say “Eeeeek”?

Yeah. I reached the top… and from there, it went all down hill.

I fell 7 times. And was 1/2 way down when I finally said “SCREW IT” and walked down.
Snowboarding was forever no longer a part of me there.
Mainly cause the 7th fall HURT!

Heres me, zipping down, blindly cause of the cold air in my eyes, going 30+ MPH, downhill, with no idea what was coming, and trying to avoid fallen skiers/snowboarders.

Eventually, I fell.
And that one hurt.


I didn’t fall and just slide… NOOOOO.
I fell, tumbled, spun sideways twice, tumbled again, THEN slide 20 feet…

Like this,

I was surprised I wasn’t injured.
Just made.

And cold…

Well, that was yesterday.
I’m here today.


My arms hurt, my elbows hurt, my butt hurts, my legs REALLY hurt, my chest, and my neck…

My hands are fine

~thank God…~

Ok. Now for the MMO part.

Memoire was attacked by 3 GUILDS!



We got attacked by Espada, Shades, and …Legacy?
Well. Here was the way the game set it up.

Espada would attack Friday, Shades and Legacy was Saturday, and our attack on City of Feather was Sunday.

Well, I checked the Guild Forums, and I learned this.

Friday- We defended against Espada! HUZZAH!
Saturday- Since we could only defend against one, we defended, and won, against Legacy. Shades took our territory at Lake of Sky.
Sunday- I don’t know yet, haven’t checked yet. If we took the city. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT!
If not, oh wells.

Anyways, I g2g.
I’m lvl 58, at 60%, and at lvl 59, I get my Ultimate Skills.
(Its like hitting 3rd Job in MapleStory)

I’ll post a screenie of my Ultimate Move as a “Hammer/Axe Warrior” when I get it!


~Grimno (I still am sore…)

14 thoughts on “Weekend Wonders”

  1. lol wedgie

    I’ve only ever been skiing and if I remember correctly, to slow down you make your skis into a “pizza slice” shape.
    That pretty much ended with me tangling my skis and face planting.

  2. I tried snowboarding once and it was pretty much the same experience. Except that my boyfriend (naturally gifted I guess) picked it up right away and went into the intermediate slope. Meanwhile, I was falling all over the place in the bunny slopes. Haven’t gone back since. Too much pain.

    Maybe I’ll try skiing next time.

  3. Snowboarding sounds terrifying. O.O

    A Perfect World player! I’ve just started about a few weeks ago so I’m still (sort of) a newbie. I joined a guild but it is SO inactive. D: I haven’t heard from anybody at all. -.- Oh wells. I’ve been wondering about the wars and stuff because ReBorn seems to own all of the areas in the game. o.O

  4. Then you must be in Oracle.
    In Delphi, the guild with the most Territories is “Immortal” who owns 8.
    I’m in Memoire, and we own 5.

  5. I remember when I first started to snowbaord.

    I crashed into everybody
    fell off the lifts
    Tumbled down hills
    Tried to go off jumps and fall on the jumps

    Ahh goood times

  6. Snowboarding is harder. But imo, skiing looks cooler. The whole sideways thing reminds me of crabs too much. Skiing looks like birdies flying off, wheee~!

    Good luck with the soreness D:

  7. vicelin said: “How do you go snow boarding in NC?

    I thought it was always really warm

    Don’t the Appalachian Moutains go through NC somewhat?

    Lol, Grimno. I bet I can pwn you at the Bunny Slopes.

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