Perfect Victory!

“MMO Blog Typing Take 3”.

Seriouslly… everytime I try and right this blog, I keep accidentally deleting it…


Anyways. From the start!

On PW, I am now lvl 84!
(Highest lvl atm in PW for Delphi is 95) so I’m not far behind… sorta.
Well, i can survive PKing alot.

Anyways. In PW, I got ALOT of awesome stuff.

Picture 1- My stuff.

Awesome, I know.

The rings (Ring of LingYun), adds +50% Accuracy.
I have 2.

Everything is either a MOLD (Rare-Specific item), or HH.

Mold- To make a Molded item, first you need to find that specific mold for that item. For example, “Cuirass of Sorrow” Pants needs the “Cuirass of Sorrow” Mold to make it.
Molded items are “Yellow Named”.
HH (Holy Hall) items are crafted from rare materials gathered up in the Holy Hall dungeon.
Items in Green are HH items.

Moving on.
I’ve been meaning to show this, its a map of the game and “sectioned” into different “Level Areas”.
Showing where you are at which lvl.
This is based on the path of the warrior, but all classes follow the same path at 20+.

Now this is funny… those “LingYun” rings.
Are dropped by 1 enemy. “Woeful LingYun”.
Now, a ring with +50% accuracy and is worth 20mil?
Monster gotta be scary right?

Picture 3- LingYun

Enough said.



Well, the guild I’m in named [H]elios attacked the 3 biggest guilds in the game who owns ALL the land.


But something happened…

Here’s a pic from inside the TW.
I was dead before the SS was even taken..

Picture 4- LAG

And it helped us.
While the battle was suppose to last 2-3 hours.
It was over, in 15 minutes.

We won!

So now everyland, but 1, belongs to the big 3.
We own that land, and next week we’re gonna attack Espada’s CITY!

Lastly. I’ve been messing around on World Chat, and created
“G.T.V.” (Grim Television)
And I started going on about a “Evil Penguin Attack”. And I’ve dragged it on and made it seem real.
Many people like it.

It r quite good lawl.

I created some funny pictures as you can see.

Picture 5- OMG!

Well, I’m gonna go now before I accidentally delete this blog..


~Grimno (This is G.T.V., signing out.)

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