MapleStory life atm :)

Hello guys (:

Maple has been.. I donno how to describe it, maybe it’s because I’m training way too much and not being social enough because people on my bl keep deleting me. well, 2. But still, I dont like it when people delete me ): I guess I don’t talk to them that much but eh. My guild is finally back it’s a good thing, but now we have about 10-15 members only and it’s so hard getting the old members back because they’re all joined other guilds in MmYuMmY’s abscence and they’re made friends and start to like the guild so I guess it’s a bit unfair to just tell them to quit that guild and come back home :/ I think what I’m really saying is MapleStory suddendly because less fun, not drastically, but a little. Well, I’m not go about quitting or anything, but all I do is train,train,train. Maybe part of it is because my guild leader is still on her little MS break because of her exams and she really lighten things up and is very chatty. Maybe I need to meet some new friends (: psst, I’m in scania (;

darn it :/ spring break’s over, I don’t think I’ll be able to make 90 by the end of the month. Maybe 86 or so. Can you believe I won’t be getting another attack until lv 95?! T.T Does anyone know where I’m suppose to be training at lv 85? I’m currently at red kents. I’m a lv 83 i/l mage atm

sorry this was such a boring and short post! I promise I’ll have something exciting to say soon! Just a bit of a rant really.

p.s. I was just buying white potions and I saw Tiger afk in the leafre department store! hehe, sorry I have a bit of an unhealthy maplecrush on him <3 I know he doesn’t really play anymore, blahblah, but I will always look up to him! <3

Until next time!

p.s.s. O.o can someone tell me if they see the ss of tiger? I don’t see it when I click my MMobid. Is it suppose to be like that?

4 thoughts on “MapleStory life atm :)”

  1. lol, well at least no one is flaming Tiger as much anymore
    =Redirects flame laser cannon to FangBlade=
    I hope he downloads flame shield 2.0 >
    For Tiger to regain a life, Fangblade lost his =makes a good story >.>=


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