Sin: Prologue

Yeah..I haven’t really been that active lately, and Josh (the dude who writes about echo) said that he didn’t like writing anymore, and I said I wanted him to keep writing…and he said that if I wrote something to then he would have an incentive to continue writing….So yeah….This is what I did (with the help of my friend Alec ofcourse)…..So yeah….Any kind of critisms is welcome….and tell me the stuff I can fix to make this story better…Yeah

Sin: Prologue

Victoria was a country ruled by a secretly corrupt government who wished only to become wealthy and eventually control the entire world. They were constantly self-assured with musings of total power and thought they could be stopped at nothing. While the sheer ignorance, apathy, and blind aggression of their citizens towards each other allowed them a clear path of no defiance, the heads of all the other countries, who knew about the dominant ambitions of Victoria, simply ignored them, knowing that there was no way that their government could ever rule an entire world when they could hardly instill authority among their own citizens. There would have to be a major change in the way that the governors and citizens of Victoria acted before their dream of global domination would ever become a reality.

A large building was erected right in the center of this country, during what seems like a time before anybody can remember. It has roads going in all directions so that it can be easily reached. This building is owned by the heads of the country, and is the largest in all the land. It gives them a feeling of security, a sense that no person or no thing will ever be able to touch them. They are so high above the world, they can see everything, and nothing will ever be able to bring them down. But, every rose has its thorns, as they say, and this is especially true concerning this building. For it may give them a feeling of power, and in a sense, materialize their authority, but it also leaves them in a state of isolation from everything they seek to control. They live in this tall building, never leaving, and never showing their faces. Not even to the veteran employees who do their bidding. They supposedly never sleep and do nothing but sit around a long oval table to discuss their domineering notions.

A small group of seven people walk on one of the main roads that lead to this building. Each of whom houses a different aura that surrounds their body. This small group is commonly known as Sin and they all have been called to the tower to be questioned and evaluated, to see if they are fit for a job from the government. What this job is, not even they know. All they have been told is that they are to come to the tower at 1800 hours sharp. You may be wondering to yourself, why is this group of seemingly harmless people called Sin? Well, the answer is quite obvious. They carry this ominous title for one reason; each of them represents and is named after one of the seven deadly sins.
Lust (Female), equipped with a jagged-edged bull whip, loves to get close to her targets (sometimes closer than she needs to) and it is said that she can seduce any person in the world, man or woman, just by looking in their eyes or whispering in their ear. She often likes to fool around and flirt on the job, but she never fails an assignment. Gluttony (Male) eats anything and everything in his way, yet never gains a pound. He is virtually unstoppable, as he can incorporate just about anything that he consumes into a functioning part of his body. Greed (Male), equipped with a massive caliber revolver and perfect aim, is the mastermind of the group, blessed with the IQ of a genius, it is said that he is sly enough to weasel his way out of just about any predicament, as long as there’s something in it for him. Sloth (Male) has the strength of ten men, but rarely (to his dismay) ever gets to use it on an assignment, because his size alone is enough to make his enemies cower and flee in sheer terror. He is only ever used by the group as a last resort, due to his reluctancy to ever do anything. Wrath (Male), equipped with a razor-sharp katana and tanto, was once a talented and highly decorated soldier, but after becoming overwhelmed by the bloodbaths he witnessed everyday in his line of duty, he lost touch of morality, and begin slaughtering anybody in his path, regardless of age, gender, or relation, and with a ferocity and speed so intense, it is rumored he killed armed opponents before their bullets even left the barrels of their guns. Envy (Female) has the ability to absorb anybody’s powers as long as her source remains alive. And Pride (Male), possibly the most ignorant of the team, is also the most relentless. He has been shot in the knees and still walks, he has had his limbs cracked and shattered but still throws punches and kicks with the heart of a championship fighter, and he was once pronounced dead for a week, but seemingly rose from his grave and sought revenge on his murderer, returning to the team several days later covered in blood and fully mended. His tendency to defy the impossible and never die has made him arrogant beyond belief, but he is a worthy addition to the team.
All seven of these strange and powerful folk arrive at the door of the tall building and enter with confidence. Not a moment after they had stepped foot inside the large double-doors, a woman’s raspy, nasally voice sounds around them.

Speaker: Who are you and why have you entered the premises?
Pride: We are the ones known as Sin, and we wish to have a conversation with the owner of this large establishment.
Speaker: For what reason, Sir?
Pride: So that we may discuss the terms of our agreement.
Speaker: Do you have an appointment?
Pride: We were told to come here by the leaders of the country themselves, at 1800 hours.
Speaker: Well I’m looking at the scheduled appointments for today, Sir and there doesnft seem to be anything scheduled.
Pride: Now listen to me you whore, you will LET US IN!
Speaker: Sir, I would prefer that you did not get testy with me. I am simply doing my job and telling you what I know.

Lust, sensing her cue, moves from the back of the group, playfully brushing her breasts against everyone she makes her way past. She advances towards the front and lays her hands on Pride’s shoulders as she brings her mouth up to his ear and whispers.

Lust: Let me take care of her. Please, Pride? I promise I won’t take long.
Pride: Fine, but you know she’s nothing like me, she won’t please you like I do.
Lust: No one is like you, babe.

Lust gives Pride a knowing wink as she moves away and approaches a small box that the woman’s voice seems to be resonating from.

Lust: Hey there.
Speaker: What can I do for you, Ma’am?
Lust: Have you ever wanted someone to do something for you?
Speaker: Yeah a few things, I wanted a million dollars in small unmarked bills, but I never got that.
Lust: Well there are some things I can give you that are even better than that.
Speaker: And what might those things be, Ma’am?

Lust leans over closer to the speaker and whispers something into it that nobody else can hear. She wears a short black skirt, and a tight red thong is visible whenever she bends over, something she’s fully aware of. After a few seconds of her seductive whispering, a wall opens up and reveals an elevator. Lust turns back, winking at the crowd and flashing a sly smile, and the group begins to move towards the elevator when the voice sparks to life once more.

Speaker: Where do you think you are all going?
Pride: Upstairs, of course.
Speaker: Only the woman is allowed passage.

Lust goes over to Pride again and wraps her arms around him and whispers in his ear.

Lust: You’ll be up there before you know it.
Pride: Alright, I’m trusting you with this assignment, even though it should be me in there, you’re not as good as me, so don’t let this go to your head.
Lust: No one is, babe.

Lust walks into the elevator gracefully, her thighs shifting, almost flowing back and forth. She turns around and flashes another one of her trademark sexy smiles as the doors slowly shut behind her.


Sloth’s knuckles are red and flattened from beating the ground with anticipation, and although he is trying to control himself, he has made what could easily be considered a crater in the linoleum floor of the building. The speaker sounds once more, but with this time a different voice coming from it.

Lust: All done.

The elevator doors, where the wall once was, open up again, and this time the entire group enters, except for Sloth, whose size prevents him from continuing.

Pride: There’s a weight limit on this thing you goddamn overgrown ape! Have a little respect for us normal sized people and wait until after we’ve gotten up.

Lust is heard giggling from the speaker at this remark, and Sloth’s face flashes from anger to embarrassment and he sits up against the wall and waits.

The doors to the elevator close, and not a moment after, the elevator is rocketing towards the floor above. Everybody falters for a moment, everybody except Pride, who seems to be proud of the fact that this sudden jolt had no affect on him. After only a few short seconds, the elevator stops so suddenly the group is airborne for a split second. They regain their composure as the doors slowly slide open once again. The group walks out to find a room bathed in blood, a tattered vest lying on the floor in the center of it all. Lust sits on the desk of her most recent victim, whose blood is all over the walls. She sits slightly sunken in, legs crossed, the top two buttons of her shirt undone, enlightening everybody to the fact that she wasn’t wearing a bra. She blows a kiss to Pride who gladly accepts it with a display of feigned familiarity, but does not blow one back, as it would make him seem undignified, thus ruining his self-endorsed perfect image. Lust uncrosses her legs and stands up, buttoning her shirt. She walks over to pride and leans in to whisper into his ear.

Lust: Mission completed?
Pride: Yeah, But you took way too long; It would’ve taken me less than a minute.
Lust: Well I had to make sure she trusted me.
Pride: Why would she need to trust you?
Lust: Well let’s just say blood isn’t the only bodily fluid that’s all over this floor.

Pride bends over and dips his finger into the blood, and puts his finger in his mouth.

Pride: Ooh I taste you.
Lust: So did she.

Lust smiles and walks away to a small door on the opposite side of the room.

Lust: This door leads to the room where the leaders of Victoria meet.
Pride: Well, anyone could have figured that out.
Wrath: Wait, what about Sloth?

A loud thud is heard, followed by several more, each louder than the one before. All of a sudden, the floor in the middle of the room swells, and then falls flat. No more than a second passes, tension filling the air as everybody gets into battle stances, preparing for the worst, when the floor bursts open revealing Sloth’s large body.

Sloth: I got bored.
Pride: Idiot.

Pride slaps Sloth on the back of his large head, and Sloth picks himself up out of the gaping whole he has just created, growling and looking to rumble.

Sloth: Don’t touch me!
Pride: I’ll touch whoever I want, whenever I want.
Sloth: Well, some people just might touch back.
Pride: Bring it on!

Sloth encases Pride’s head in both of his massive hands, as if to crush it, while Pride blindly pummels his stomach, seemingly causing Sloth no pain at all. Lust cracks her whip to get the men’s attentions.

Lust: Now, now, boys. We have business to attend to. Sloth, be a dear and take down that door over there for us, it seems to be locked.

Sloth releases Pride’s head reluctantly, now in a sour mood. He takes a seat on the floor and doesn’t move.

Sloth: I’m not doing a damned thing.
Lust: Please, honey?

Lust extends her lower lip and seeks for a connection with Sloth’s eyes, but Sloth knows better than this and doesn’t look up. As she advances towards him, to whisper in his ear, Envy lets out a dramatic sigh as reaches Sloth first. She gives him another good slap on the back of the head, but this time Envy has kept her hand planted firmly. A shocked look rolls across Sloth’s face as his eyes grow large and his aura, now visible as a smoky haze surrounding his body, begins to drift towards Envy and swirl around her. Envy releases the back of Sloth’s head, who is now in a dazed state, and advances to the door.

Envy: I should be the one with super strength. At least I would know how to use it.

Not saying another word, she kicks the door down with such force that it takes hefty chunks of the wall with it.

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Sorry that it sucked =^(

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